We know that in order to get closer to what our customers need within Food we need to deliver the ‘retail basics’: value for money, availability (the right products on our shelves), the right range (products our customers want) with friendly service.

This week I’m excited to announce that we’ve launched a new Range, Space and Merchandising system that will:

  • improve the way we plan store layouts and space for products, saving us time in the Support Centre
  • give stores a more tailored range – giving our customers access to the products they want
  • build better local ranges across the country, bringing us closer to the hearts and minds of our local communities

We’re also investing in a brand new supply chain system

This forms part of a bigger plan to improve our availability, reduce wastage and reduce the amount of stock we hold in both our stores and depots.

This is a huge investment in our business to improve the way we work together. It will allow us to continue to thrive in a competitive market, and will give us the tools to lead in the convenience sector.

Michael Fletcher
Retail Chief Commercial Officer

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  1. I totally agree steve, simplify ranges, (we are local convenience stores not mega stores!!! after all) and lower prices which should be feasible as we would be buying more of the fewer ranged products, 1 example is if You visit aldi they have 1 maybe 2 choices of potato but sell vast quantities due to the low low price ,

  2. Michael
    The planned changes in our Range, Space and Merchandising systems alongside improvements in our supply chain system sounds really exciting and far reaching.
    In that same context, I was wondering whether your teams have seen – in the digital trade press – the exciting customer facing digital development being considered by Central England Co-op?
    They’re looking at the feasibility of developing a phone app which customers can use – before they leave home – to check if their nearest Co-op store has in stock “what they’re popping out for”.
    While I have seen a significant improvement in availability in my local store, over the last 3 or 4 years, there has been the odd occasion when I’ve bought my wife’s second choice of wine when – perhaps – her first choice may have been in stock at my local (but not nearest) Co-op store?
    Food for thought?

    • A more pressing issue in my view, in a similar vein, is yoyo pricing. I won’t pay full price £2 for a jar of dolmio for example. Even if dolmio is the only option – I’ll leave empty handed. If, however it’s on “offer” at £1, I will buy it. If it were somewhere in the middle – say, £1.50, I’d still buy it. Many customers are wising up to the silly rrps of many branded products, and shrinkflation. Stop yoyo offers, give us sensible reasonable prices. Oh hang on, that’s how Lidl and Aldi have grown so big so quick – reliable low pricing. No special offers. No gimmicks. No spending 6 hours every week changing special offers to the same offers that were on 3-6 weeks ago again.

    • Hi Frank.

      We could do this now we have the technology but it’s a question of the priorities set for Digital by Food.

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