The team in Funeral and Life Planning celebrated the last privately named funeral home at Pontypool, Wales being given Co-op signage this week. Colleagues in Pontypool are so proud of their rebrand.


We’ve invested £15m in making sure people know these funeral homes are owned and run by the Co-op. In May 2016, 240 of our funeral homes in England, Scotland and Wales were privately named. We’ve already seen improved business performance across the homes we’ve rebranded since we started.


It’s important that we’re transparent with our clients and members, and that our funeral homes are instantly recognisable. In many cases we’ve kept the private name alongside the Co-op branding, so we don’t lose the local connections they’ve worked so hard to build. It also gives our clients the peace of mind that the products and services they provide have the strength and endorsement of the Co-op brand.

Now that the rebrand is complete, these homes can really benefit from the national Co-op advertising campaigns and promotions, including our recent Guaranteed to Beat offer. It also enables colleagues in these branches to have a more inclusive role within One Co-op.

Robert Carmichael
Estates Strategy and Planning Manager

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  1. No, they have not.

  2. Great work on finally getting this complete Robert and team. I think this adds to our message of transparency perfectly. The external schemes look really good in the flesh (Pontypool photo accepted). In answer to Mark G’s point – where we see a value in the name continuing we would consider using that in the title. In this case Ginever Funeralcare would have been considered together with the Coop Clover leaf. here the Operational team in Nottingham will have decided that there was more merit in using the area term Beeston than the Ginever name.

  3. “In many cases we’ve kept the private name alongside the Co-op branding, so we don’t lose the local connections they’ve worked so hard to build “.

    I don’t see W. Ginever in the new Beeston funeralcare branding !!

  4. All good, although I am not sure that the first before and after picture captures the aesthetic of the rebranding that well.


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