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Here’s our Q3 update to highlight the progress we’re making towards our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition.

We’ve had a great summer – you should be really proud of all we have achieved together. Thank you for your incredibly hard work and your dedication. Challenges from competitors, regulation and, of course, Brexit are all round the corner, so we need to stay focused on our plans to make sure we’re ready to react as we deliver through Q4.

Below you can watch the thoughts of myself and Exec members on our highlights, frustrations and what we are most proud of.  Please take a moment to read this update so you get a feel for what we’ve achieved right across our Co-op.

Download transcript of the Exec’s Q3 highlight video

I hope you find this useful, and thank you.

Steve Murrells
Chief Executive

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  1. #Steve

    You do not know what you are talking about. I know for an absolute fact that they do.

  2. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place but I can’t find the lile for like performance figures etc.

    • Hi William. Our trading performance figures are published twice a year in our interim and full year results (published in September for the first half of the year and April for the whole year).
      These quarterly updates are here to help keep everyone up to date, in a more timely way, with what’s going on rather than reporting fully audited trading figures.
      That said, leaders do get a weekly email which gives them and update on trade and performance across our businesses so they can share during huddles/team meetings.
      Hope this explains. Thanks, ^Kevin

      • Thanks Kevin.

        Good to know about the weekly leaders’ e-mail.

        I look forward to hearing about that from my line manager now you’ve told me of it’s existence !

  3. How about doing a scheme for work colleagues for a funeral plan so much out of our wages we have to pay towards our pension anyway I think it would be a good idea we recommend it to people in general to pay monthly I think it will work been with the coop 18 years now

  4. Great highlights of our progression. I think the format of this update is excellent. The content (including video) is also top notch. Well done Kevin and Wendy. Go team. Rachel Machin

  5. A little disappointed that the opportunity wasn’t taken to update us all on what we are doing to address the gender pay gap. The 2017 report was published in February and there hasn’t been an update since.

    • It’s a widely known fact that no reputable company pays women less than men for the same work. The fact is that women are more likely to be part time whilst looking after the kids / the home, and men the main breadwinner of a home. Scoff at this all you like, but that’s the facts, at least in working class areas where I’m from. This is where the “reported” pay gap comes from, but in reality nobody is paying women any less than men.

      • Hi Steve

        This is a really interesting development. Can you direct me to the studies you’ve conducted please?

      • The gender pay gap calculations account for working hours. It’s a raw measure of payment per hours worked.

        You do raise a good point about women being more likely to take extended leave, this absolutely does have an impact on their future earnings potential and career trajectory, particularly where they return to work on a part-time or flexible basis to accommodate childcare needs.

        We’re encouraging this status quo – Women get up to 12 months off, and are entitled to enhanced CMP on top of the statutory pay. Men get two weeks off at standard statutory pay. Both parties can split their leave equally by opting into Shared Parental leave, but they’ll only get statutory pay and lose their entitlement to the enhanced CMP. We are actively incentivising the women to bear the greater burden of childcare because the sensible thing to do from a financial point of view is take the enhanced CMP and make the woman take the parental leave while the bloke can just get back to work with no fuss and pick up where they left off with their career.

        My fella is way better with kids than I am, so considering starting my own family in the future the above is pretty bleak reading.

        • No Surprises. I’m so pleased to read this, I thought I was the only one who thinks our paying women to fill a traditional gender role is part of the problem. We should either cut CMP to statutory levels or introduce CMP for shared parental leave.

          When we have kids my wife wants to go back to work and I want to stay at home. But financially it’s not an option because she’d get CMP and I’d get SMP.

      • Steve is Correct here. it’s illegal for a company to pay a woman a different Salary for the same job that a man does under the Equal Pay Act 1970

        • #Matt

          And yet, my wife is a PM in United utilities and is paid 3K less tan some of here male colleagues. No kid’s breaks, longer service etc.

          So the law is there but because the comparator has to be different sex and freely give their pay details you struggle to prove it.

  6. The sun shines on the Co-op ! Woo hoo !

    Let’s hope we have such good weather again next year to take our minds off the problems Brexit will be creating.

    A big thank you to the thousands of people at the Co-op across the UK, who worked really hard this year to make these results possible.

    • Yes let us hope there will be good sunshine next year to enjoy the magnificent opportunities Brexit will create for our great Country

  7. Onwards and upwards we are finally heading in the right direction 👍 we’ll done to everyone.

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