My name’s Dan Lee and I’m a Store Manager in the Manchester area.

My team has been testing out the new tablets over the past few months to see how we can use them to get more time on the shop floor.

We were all really excited for the tablet to get here, it’s really hard as a store manager balancing doing the job at hand as well as supporting colleagues to do theirs too. Typically the simplest tasks need me to be on hand to help but the tablet has really helped me empower my team to do tasks from start to finish.

For example, for the in store bakery, our bakers need to use Bunzl (our non-consumables supplier) to make orders. They’d make a list of what they need and give it to me to input it onto the back office system. Now the bakers can pick up the tablet, take it to the bakery and order exactly what they need from the tablet. They absolutely love it!

And there’s much more on there too from logging jobs onto our online facilities management system, completing news and magazine tasks and even checking on Your Store, Your Say to see what our customers are saying about us. Even something as simple as the notepad has helped – no more scrambling around for a pen and paper or going back and forth to the office to see what we need.

And there’s stuff I can use it for too. I’ve been using it to talk to my team about what we’ve got on for the day and week ahead because I can just pull up our task list from the bulletins and talk people through it on the shop floor.

There’s more stores trialling it at the moment to test out some of the new functionality like being able to watch videos. The other managers in my region are really looking forward to getting theirs in November.

I’d be really interested in hearing how other teams are using theirs.

Dan Lee
Store Manager

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  1. When I read the headline “Tablets are helping me spend more time on the shop floor” I was expecting quite a different story!

    I’m quite relieved this isn’t a story about pharmaceutical manager support !

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