With Halloween only a couple of weeks away, the excitement is already building. It’s a time of scary movies, apple bobbing, carving your best (or worst) pumpkin and trick or treating dressed in your favourite bed sheet!

However you spend it, Halloween’s a time of community fun. And we’re making that the focus of our TV ad this year. We’re showing that when you share devilishly delicious food during these fun moments, Halloween is better together.

And it doesn’t stop there. Our ad takes place on a playing field managed by Effingham Village Recreation Trust in Surrey, one of our local causes. Plus our stars of the ad are players from Bookham Colts FC, a youth football club from the area who regularly use the facilities.

You’ll see proud zombie parents using Co-op food to demonstrate not only football tactics, but how when members buy Co-op Halloween snacks, 1% goes towards good causes like Effingham.

So without further ado, huddle round with a bag of Co-op Mallow Bones or Pumpkin Spiced Brownies, and enjoy a sneak peak before the ad debuts tonight during the break of The Chase at 5.45pm. Keep your eyes peeled for spider-dog!

Or here’s a transcript, if you’d prefer.

Rebecca Duffy
Campaign Manager, Marketing Communications

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  1. Great stuff – so exciting to see one of our community causes front and centre!

  2. Love our new ad! Will spider dog be touring our shops this Halloween?!

  3. LOVE Spider Dog. Can we put her in the Christmas ad in a reindeer costume?

    Move over Kevin the Carrot…. here comes Ruby the Reindeer dog!!

    (I’m off to trademark this and make a start on the merchandise….)

  4. Spider-dog is amazing!

  5. The POS I have seen is one of the best yet, well done POS team

    • Thanks Calum, its great to get feedback from Stores on our POS packages.
      This year we have worked closely with our packaging team to ensure the POS reflects our great Halloween range and delivers a really connected package in store.
      Gordon Houston (POS Team)

  6. If you’re playing with wingbacks you need more than four at the back. Only having two central defenders will leave too much space that could easily be exploited on the counter attack.

    • Not necessarily Gav, if we have a holding midfielder in front of the back four and use the wing backs to overlap to support the attacking wide players, then there should be adequate cover to compliment a five man/woman (inclusion at work) midfield, allowing them to support the attack, yet quickly being able to revert to shape when not in possession.

      • After reviewing their tactics board they seem to be playing an ambitious 4-4-4 formation with Spider Dog on the bench. A very attacking minded team and it did pay off.

        I stand corrected.

        • Totally agree, puts a whole new dimension on having extra legs in the team!!

        • I believe that a similar formation was once tried by their previous manager, Dave Bassett Hound

  7. I love Spider-Dog.

  8. love the spider dog 🙂

  9. Great advert.

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