This week sees the launch of our brand new ready meals range which I’ve been working on since September last year.

Ready meals are such an important part of our convenience offer – customers are looking for something quick, easy and tasty – and that’s even more important as the nights start to draw in.

And as well as fantastic quality and taste, we’ve given the ranges a brand new look and feel – all part of our journey to making all our packaging widely recyclable (no more black plastic!).

Pan Asian trends

We’ve captured the rise in popularity of Pan Asian cuisine by creating a delicious range of microwaveable meals such as Green Thai Chicken Curry, Katsu Chicken and Butternut squash and Coconut Curry. These dishes, available in selected stores, deliver a real fresh taste, with authentic details such as sticky jasmine rice, charred chicken thigh meat, fish sauce and lime juice.

Revisiting the classics

There’s a real trend for traditional dishes right now, so we’ve re-worked our Irresistible range. We’ve re-visited some of the dishes that our customers love the most to make sure we’re doing the classics absolutely brilliantly.

For example our Lasagne Al Forno is based on a traditional recipe from Bologna and we’ve used authentic techniques and ingredients such as a slow-cooked ragu to create a lasagne packed full of flavour.

Ready Meal - Lasagne 2

In our Vintage Cheddar Macaroni Cheese we’ve used four different cheeses for a really indulgent flavour and Italian chifferi pasta that’s perfect for absorbing the rich cheese sauce.Ready Meal - Mac 2

And a firm favourite, our Cottage Pie, is packed full of British ingredients with a restaurant-style piped mash for a super crunchy topping.Ready Meal - Cottage Pie

Meal deal

I’m really excited that we’re trialling a meal deal in some stores too (which we’ll look to roll out further if successful) – here’s a list of the stores. Customers will be able to pick up an Irresistible Main + Side + Dessert for just £8 which I think is great value.

I’m so proud of all our new delicious dishes, from revamped classics to exciting new flavours, perfect for quick and easy meals this autumn. I hope you enjoy the range!

Rebecca Livesey
Product Developer

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  1. Although ready meals are fantastic, quick and easy for busy workers or young students etc, (I love the lasagne by the way :-p ) I would love to see the Co-op promoting more fresh ingredients and prompting people to cook from scratch abit more, it could be as simple as showing picture a few fresh ingredients and what sort of dishes you could make that into, or even like ‘slimming world’ does on the inside of all their ready meal packaging, they have the recipe printed telling you how make it yourself at home for the family.

  2. This is great and something that I feel the Co-op definitely need to get better at so this is all good. I don’t want to take anything away from the good things that are being done here but I feel that as usual the Co-op are focusing in the wrong area.

    There is a need currently and I feel a gap in the market for Gluten Free ready meals, no one does this currently and it would be great for coeliac suffers to be able to have a quick, tasty and quality ping meal. For example I have made at home all three of the above meals form my Gluten Free wife ( Macaroni Cheese, Cottage Pie & Lasagne) in the past, it’s not difficult..!! Everyone is focusing on the need to have options for Vegetarians and Vegans (which are mainly lifestyle choices) but people actually suffering from a serious illness such as coeliac disease are constantly overlooked.

    Come on Co-op “Show you care”

    • In reply to RED,
      ‘Everyone is focusing on the need to have options for Vegetarians and Vegans (which are mainly lifestyle choices)’

      These are not, ‘mainly lifestyle choices’, these are ethical choices and dismissing it in this way is not helpful.
      For example, would you say that Jews and Muslims aversion to eating pigs was a ‘lifestyle’ choice?

      Vegan ethics are recognised and protected by the same laws (in the European Union) that protect other belief systems. (ARTICLE 9 Freedom of thought, conscience and religion. European Convention of Human Rights)
      To summarise: Our aversion and repulsion to exploitation of animals is an ethical choice and the majority of people choosing a plant based diet, do this on Ethical grounds. (roughly 80% see here

      I appreciate that their are people suffering with the debilitating disease of Coeliac intolerance and I hope that sufferers are catered for better both by Coop and the wider retail environment.

  3. Coop is being left behind when it comes to Vegan meals which is a shame as we were blazing a trail with the Vegan and Vegetarian labelling, not to mention the support that we have given to cruelty free.
    We really need to double down on this expanding sector. I would love to buy the majority of my Vegan ready meals from you/us but you just don’t cater for us which makes me sad and a little angry..

  4. Look nice; Are any / all of them gluten free?

  5. These are great for single ladies who love to dine in like me. I stick one of these in the microwave before I sit down for Corrie nom nom nom. #TheWendyWay

  6. Fantastic piece of work. These look amazing!!

  7. Hi Rebecca – thanks for adding a list of the trial stores – that is really helpful. It’s interesting to hear what has changed and about the recipes -Good luck with the trial !

  8. sure they are great just a shame most have been removed from range in petrol filling stations!!

  9. I love the current range of co op ready meals and look forward to trying the new ones. Quick question, are the mains and sides cooking times and temps the same? I ask this because I have occasionally fell foul of assuming sides are cooked for the same time and temp as the main and then ended up with either an over cooked or under cooked meal. I know I should read the instructions on each meal but I am a man and we all know about men and instructions

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