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It makes me proud to work for an organisation that really looks after its people. We have some fantastic colleague member benefits.

I joined Co-op Funeralcare in 2010 as a Funeral Arranger, and instantly felt that I’d found a career in an industry that I loved where the clients were the main focus.

I must admit I’ve not made use of the colleague discounts available to me in Funeral and Life Planning yet – but I know what they are. Knowing that I get a free funeral as a colleague if the worst should happen is a comfort to my family. And knowing that I can save up to £700 off a funeral for my family is also something I have in the back of my mind.

One of the things I’m currently considering is writing a Will with Co-op Legal Services. It’s good to know that as a colleague I can get 5% off and still get a 5% reward as well as 1% towards my local community.

In Funeral and Life Planning, we don’t have a Double Discount – the services we provide aren’t really something you can ‘save up’ for a specific date. But as a colleague, I certainly make use of it elsewhere.

My guilty treat from in-store is either our chocolate-hazelnut croissants from the bakery or our Irresistible salted caramel cake. I’ve just seen our Halloween treats advertised, so at 20% off I think I’ll be looking at them too.

I’ve used Double Discount on Co-op Electrical a couple of times. I think we have some fantastic deals on electricals, made even better on Double Discount days. Last Christmas it was a TV for my daughter, and recently a new cooker. I was very impressed with the delivery service – especially in comparison to other companies.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to ignore the other discounts we get from Co-op businesses here even though I’ve not personally used them.

I know Co-op Beds have a ‘more you spend, the more you save’ offer on until the end of October. And while I don’t need it, Co-op Insurance is trying to raise awareness of their pet insurance at the moment. So if you’re even thinking about renewing your insurance or buying a bed then have a look this weekend.

Have a look at, so you know what you can get with your colleague membership. And make sure you leave some croissants for me this weekend.

Michelle Monaghan
Propositions Manager, Funeral and Life Planning

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  1. Nope, we’re still here. *hurt*

  2. Is double discount automatically taken off when I input my card number, or do I need a discount code?

    • Hi Florence, Assuming you’re on Co-op Electrical’s or Co-op Beds’ website for this, yes? In which case, just by adding your Colleague Membership number it will know you’re a colleague and apply the discount – 10% for today and tomorrow (26 & 27 Oct), 5% on other days. No codes needed (beyond the other codes advertised on the site for deals that are available to everyone). Hope that helps, ^Kevin

      • Hi – are there any items excluded from the double discount on Co-op Electrical? I attempted to purchase a Belling Range Cooker but it only applied a 5% discount? So, now I have to wait another 4 weeks to purchase?

  3. How does it work with insurance? Someone told me we had sold that part of the business recently.

    • Hi Bob. There isn’t a Double Discount with Insurance, but colleague members do get a range of discounts (the amount varies by type of insurance). Have a look at to find out the details and how to claim your discount. And no, we’ve not sold the business. Thanks, ^Kevin

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