This year’s Halloween advert is just fantastic. Normally it’s our Christmas ad that gets customers talking, but this year people love what we’ve done for Halloween, it’s just great!

I thought it was absolutely brilliant that one of our local causes, Effingham Village Recreation Trust, were part of it.

The guys from Effingham are really present and visible in our community, they’re always around and often pop into the shop to say hello.

They offer their playing fields to community groups like Bookham Colts FC, whose players are the stars of the ad, and they’ve also got spaces where they run things like weekly coffee mornings for elderly residents in the area.

I’m actually a manager of a junior football team who play against Bookham Colts quite a lot. So I’ve been to Effingham a few times as the opposition, which is good fun!

Bookham Colts behind the scenes

Players from Bookham Colts FC were the stars of the ad

Celebrating together

We’ve invited Effingham to our store on 24 November for our Payout Celebration Day.

The money raised by members through our Local Community Fund will help improve their facilities and pay for an all-weather sports pitch.

We’re going to get everyone together, present Effingham with a cheque, take a few pictures, do some face painting (obviously it won’t be as good as in the advert) and celebrate!

We’ve also invited Bookham Colts, even though they aren’t a local cause they were the stars of the Halloween ad, so it’d be nice to have them.

If you’re in or around Surrey on the day, feel free to pop along. If not, make sure you head to your local store and join in the celebrations.

David Catanach
Store Manager, Petrol Leatherhead