Next week is important as the Talkback – about your leaders results are out.

On Wednesday 7 November each team leader with five or more responses to the survey will get their own personal leadership report.

There’s lots for leaders at all levels to get to grips with, and I’ve asked them all to invest quality time in working through what the insight means for them.

It’s important they take the time to do this, so please give your manager a couple of weeks before getting together to talk about what action needs to be taken.

I’m aware that some teams haven’t previously had the opportunity to discuss the results together, so I’ve asked all managers to make sure these discussions happen.

The reports this year provide a great opportunity for leaders at every level to make some really positive changes, so thank you for giving your feedback.

Steve Murrells
CEO, Co-op

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  1. Still not out yet?

    • Hi Steve – if you’re a team leader with 5 responses or more you should have had a report by now. If you’re a colleague waiting to hear about the results, as mentioned in the story above, line managers now have a couple of weeks to read and understand the results before they’ll share them with their teams. Co-op-wide results will be shared around the same time, when the Exec have had the chance to meet and agree what the areas they need to focus on. ^Laura

  2. The Talkback survey this year asked us to select a number or words. Please can somebody explain how has this information been used ? I haven’t seen a word cloud or anything similar published.


  3. Response from the Talkback team:
    Talkback this year was focused on leaders for a few reasons. We’d heard feedback that many line managers valued the ‘leadership wheel’ they got last year that helped them with what they need to do differently, and they wanted more in depth results on this. Also, we’ve previously asked questions about ‘senior leaders’ and colleagues told us that they found it confusing and didn’t know who exactly that meant.

    All 4,000 leaders at all levels get their own report, so it’s not just about local managers. The Talkback team have just handed Steve Murrells’ report to him personally. Every manager receives a report on how their team experience their leadership, and will be completing the workbooks and talking to their team about their results.

    We know that some colleagues wanted to have their say on a few issues not covered by the survey questions, and this year we didn’t have an ‘open comment’ section. Please remember, this is only one way to have your say on what it’s like to work here. However, we’ve heard how much colleagues valued this and want to have a say on broader issues affecting them in their area, so it will be back for 2019.

    • I have just received the pulse survey – no changes have been made and there is still no space or free text – Back to Being Co-op was so amazing and the introduction of the values was fantastic, but I worry that this is already being lost – if you truly care about colleagues opinions then don’t restrain us!

  4. Will store managers be allocated hours by Capicity planning to hold a Talkback meeting with their teams? So we focus on our opportunities and succeeding together.

  5. why does it say 5 or more people get a result, in Insurance this is just not the case? There is going to be circa 60 of us in our department under 1 report, when most teams form more than 5 people.


    • I don’t understand your concern. Teams of over 5 people will receive a report. So as your team is 60 people, you will get a report detailing your team’s responses.

      • The point is that it says anyone with a team of 5 or more people will get a report when this is simply not true.

        There are around 11 people under one of the senior managers in our team and yet he will not see any results, nor will any of the other senior managers who have similar numbers of people under them.

        Our entire department is being combined into a report with responses from 60 people, so it will be impossible to tell if there are specific teams within our department that have a significantly different view to others, and that is not the message that continues to be communicated.

        • “each team leader with five or more responses to the survey will get their own personal leadership report” – it is not team size but the number of responses that determines whether or not a manager’s report is rolled up to the next level. There are 10 people on our team, but we won’t get an individual report as only 4 people responded (which perhaps tells its own story…)

          • Yeah I get what you’re saying but the point for us is that even if all 12 of the people on our team did respond to the survey we wouldn’t have an individual report for our team and it still gets aggregated up to our entire department.

            • I’m not sure I understand this and why you wouldn’t have an individual report by line manager.

              I lead a team of 17. Seven report directly to me and the other 10 to one of my direct reports. I got three reports, one for my DRs, one for the rest of the team and one combined report for everyone. So I can see what my DRs think about how I lead them, and the rest of the team’s thoughts on how they are being led by their manager.

            • Hi Phil,
              Are you in Insurance? I’m just trying to get an answer on why this is the case. ^Laura

              • Yeah I’m in Insurance – I think the reason is that a decision was made to aggregate the Insurance reports to Executive, Head of and CSMs only – there’s an intranet post that was posted yesterday which mentions this and I believe it was prompted from one of my colleagues informing someone of the confusion that was being had in Insurance since all other communications did not have this distinction.

                Having spoken to a few managers in my department they have all said they would like a report at their level so I’m hoping there is a possibility for future reports to be structured in the same way as Group reports.

                • Thanks Phil for responding in my absence.

                  It just doesn’t make sense with being aggregated at the overall department, how do you know which managers are exceeding and which need further support to properly lead a team?

                  It doesn’t seem to fulfill the purpose of there being a Talkback at all, if nothing can be done at the back of it. How do you know where the issues lie.

                  I think this should be used to congratulate achieving managers and help improve those struggling.

  6. questions were really limited and strangely there was no space for freetype comments. wonder why?? I was also selected for a follow up survey but despite reporting 3 times that it was saying i needed to install google chrome to access (I have google chrome) I was unable to get onto this and the deadline passed

  7. Talk Back this year was a joke, no accountability taken by anyone higher then a store manager. I would be very shocked if half of the work force even noticed it was in their emails, let alone bothered to fill it out. I’m sure the results will be interesting… On the note of 1+1 working and the constant cuts to hours, would be nice to see the people higher up making those decisions come and give it a go and show us how easy the assume it is to manage.

  8. It was said if you were ctm you did it on t3 if your t3 did it on t2 and if t2 manager manager area manager I believe. This is what we were told

    • This is wrong. The survey didn’t say this. The survey is about your store manager if in store.

  9. Because they don’t want to hear the truth about what colleagues truly feel. All negatively will be pinned on us the managers when in fact, issues like the 1+1 on shifts and ridiculously cut back hours and all colleagues being to made to work like dogs with no breaks. The people at the top have no idea and they still won’t after this TalkBack. The questions were a farce.

    • This isn’t representative of the company I work for at all. I’ve worked in a fair few shops and have never experienced these things. I’ve been one on one at comfortable times though.

  10. Another opportunity to give our dedicated managers a kicking. HR once again telling us how to manager people when they don’t have the bottle to manage people themselves.

  11. Sorry Steve, I think the insight you will gather will be somewhat limited.
    There was a marked difference in this talk back with most / all questions being focused on my manager and from memory didn’t contain any questions regarding department / business unit or group leadership. Any particular reason this was the case?

    • This company-wide survey was the leadership survey. The rest of the survey is now staggered through the year. Wait your turn.

      • Hi Steve, thank you for your response. I think I took the company wide survey and this was the one that was very much focused on my manager rather than leadership. Which survey is the one that contains the leadership questions? Old talk back used to contain both manager and leadership questions. My original question was why has this been changed? It would be great if you could explain the thought process behind it.
        The talk back process is a very important part of the co-op so when things are changed the reasons need to be clearly communicated to colleagues to ensure the engagement part of this exercise is maintained.
        I wait in anticipation for my turn for the next part of talk back.

        • Your manager is your leader, the survey just done is the leadership one that went to everybody, the focus of this survey being leadership.

          The comms have been out over the past year explaining the change to talkback, here is an extract from the leadership comms which you should have received inviting you to feedback which touches on it.

          “Welcome to Talkback – about your leaders. We know that managers and leaders play a huge part in how you feel about your job and working here at Co-op, so we want to understand how you’re feeling about this.

          This year we’ve moved to more regular monthly pulse surveys to a representative sample of colleagues across the business each month. This gives us more regular feedback on the big things that matter to you – you may have taken part in one already. But we also heard that you want some team-level insight on the kinds of questions you’re usually asked, so this survey about leadership has gone to everyone.”

          • Hi Constructive, there is a distinctive difference between your manager and leadership. Your manager is responsible for the performance of their team and individuals in it. Leadership are responsible for setting direction and strategy of the business. A manager can be a part of a leadership team but by restricting the feedback to your manager you are not getting insight from colleagues on how they view how their business unit / the Group is being led.
            It’s also fine in saying that the Pulse surveys cover it but not every colleague is guaranteed to get one. (as far as I’m aware)
            I’m not sure why the leaders of our co-op would want to limit the insight they get.
            Plus it can be a little bit disengaging from a colleague perspective.
            On the flip side I can see the benefit that little and often feedback gives from the Pulse surveys.

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