My store has recently got the new tablet and I wanted to share my experience in the hope that other store managers and colleagues can benefit as much as I have.

One feature I’ve found particularly useful on the tablet, is How do I. Before, colleagues would often come to me with questions and queries either to help them do their jobs or help answer a question from a customer. I’ve been a store manager for a while so often I can answer their question off the cuff but reflecting on that, I realised I’m not helping my team learn for themselves. Plus it’d take me time if I didn’t know the answer to go away into the back office, find it and get back to the member of the team.

Now, I’m encouraging my colleagues to use How do I on the tablet to find the answer themselves. Not only are they becoming more confident in using the tablet and the How do I system (which I refer to as the Co-op’s answer to Google), they’re becoming more self-sufficient and are even able to help each other out rather than looking to a manager.

It also frees up the store PC, meaning the office can now be used for one-to-one coaching without being interrupted.

It’s helping my team in other ways too. Bunzl orders are so much easier, saving colleagues time instead of writing down orders and running between back areas to the office to place the order.

I’d be interested to hear what other teams are using the tablet for when they arrive over the next few weeks.

Adam White
Store Manager

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  1. Couldnt agree more the work gone into How do I and now tablets this past year has took our store on leaps and bounds. Out of all the new things that have come out the support centre these two have really propelled us into the 21st century, although stores will never be easy these really help to make it easier and do what matters most being on the shop floor, and supporting all colleagues.

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