Montage of war memorials created or restored by Co-op colleagues

Our local war memorial. Some may not give it a second glance as we pass by. But some of these important memorials – to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country –  might not have been there if it wasn’t for the efforts of colleagues keen to preserve our nation’s past.

Take ‘The Rock’ in Plymouth. This simple memorial stone that stands at the entrance to the city’s Crownhill Fort is the focus of an annual service of remembrance. It has a history going back to the blitz of WWII.

Once the foundation stone of the Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society’s headquarters in the city, it was salvaged and stored after the building was destroyed in 1941. In 2004, in readiness for the 60th anniversary of the end of WWII, ‘The Rock’ was created from this stone by Funeralcare colleagues. It’s inscribed with the simple memorial: In memory of all those who lost their lives in conflict.

The memorial in Ugborough village was refurbished by Funeralcare. It now stands in the churchyard looking as good as new after colleagues cleaned and renovated all the raised lead lettering.

Over in Peacehaven, Funeralcare answered the call of the local town council who wanted to raise money for a war memorial. Instead of just raising money, they created a five 3ft memorials (one each for the RAF, Army, Merchant Navy, Royal Navy, and the citizens of Peacehaven and Telscombe) and a large granite wall plaque for the names of the fallen. Not content with that though, they also added a new plaque last year for a local soldier who was killed in Afghanistan and had that fitted.

And at Corbyn Head near Torquay, Funeralcare created a memorial to where the first home guard was killed. This site was adopted by the Home Office as the national monument to the Home Guard.

These monuments are pictured above: left: ‘The Rock’ in Plymouth; centre-top: Ugborough war memorial; centre-bottom: Peacehaven’s memorials; right: The National Home Guard Memorial at Corbyn Head.

As we remember those who have served, sacrificed and changed our world on Sunday, there’s a sense of pride that we’ve been part of creating and maintaining memorials to those who gave their lives for us.

Adrian Smart
Masonry Excellence Manager

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  1. Good for the Co-Op for remembering and supporting our forces in past and present conflicts.

  2. When I tried to get a memorial refurbished a few tears ago, I got the standard response of not enough money available, coupled with ‘the masons are not allowed to work at height’.
    I haven’t bothered to try anything since – we get the same ‘no budget’ response to everything now.

  3. Would be good to see this interesting article on all the co-op Facebook pages

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