Graphic showing Help 4 Homeless veterans, Royal British legion and Walking with the Wounded logos.

As we approach the 100th anniversary of the armistice, it’s good to know that local causes who help veterans in some way are among those who’ve benefited from our 1% Membership support.

Causes like Help 4 Homeless Veterans in South Yorkshire. They offer help by rehousing former services personnel who are sleeping rough, sofa surfing or facing eviction. Members’ 1% support have helped to rent and re-decorate homes, and kit out a classroom to help give skills to veterans that’ll help them back into work.

In Norfolk, Walking With the Wounded are using the funds to help support, re-train and provide therapy for veterans who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. All with the aim to help them stop re-offending and adjust to life outside the services better.

We’ve helped fund a reflective garden alongside the war memorial in Aberfeldy in Scotland. This gives a place for locals and visitors a place to rest when visiting the memorial to the fallen.

And we’ve been supporting Royal British Legion associations across the country. From refurbishing a meeting hall in Berkshire, to renovating the local war memorial in Lochalsh. From helping fund support services for ex-service personnel in Staffordshire, to buying a defibrillator and training people to potentially save lives in an East Lothian village.

As the country pauses on Sunday to say thank you and remember those who have served, sacrificed and changed our world, it’s great to know that we are part of continuing to help those in need in communities across the UK.

Gerard Hill,
Co-op Engagement Manager (in the North)

If any colleague feels affected by anything, remember that our Employee Assistance Programme is here to help: 0800 069 8854

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  1. At Co-op Academy Manchester we are supporting the Royal British Legion through raising awareness in assemblies, putting on a drama and music performance (tickets and information at and making our own poppies to sell. Disappointingly, we have struggled to get hold of any poppies from the RBL. If anyone can help me please get in touch!

    • Laura, call 0808 802 8080 this is RBLs customer service. they should be able to put you in touch with your local legion coordinator. That’s how I got mine. I hope that helps. 🙂

      • Thanks Christine – I’ve been in touch with them and our local coordinator but no joy. Our students are desperate to buy poppies, it’s such a shame!

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