I’m pleased to let you know that we’ve just agreed plans to build a new £45m distribution depot in Biggleswade, located just off the A1 in Bedfordshire.

This will support our continued growth in London, the South and South East and give us extra capacity to move products through our current network.

The depot will be operated by Co-op and we hope to open our new 661,000 sq. ft. (the size of around 11 football pitches) in early 2022. When Biggleswade opens we will close our existing depot at Cardinal.

In the meantime, we’ll be opening up a temporary site in Wellingborough to support with capacity. We hope to have this ready for action early next year ahead of Summer 2019.

I’m really pleased that after a fantastic year of performance in Food and at peak delivering 11m cases a week, we can invest significantly to not only support our existing sites but fuel further growth.

Through a stronger network, we can be more confident that we’re giving our customers what they need every time they visit one of our shops.

We’ll keep you updated on our journey.

Andy Perry
Director of Supply Chain and Logistics

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  1. I remember the Co-op saying they were building a new small depot in the south east but understood it to be a storage depot, sort of a goods in for the existing south east depot. Is this still the plan?

  2. No mention that this is a lease hold agreement. Either Coop have to scale back in 18 years time, move elsewhere or face a rent rise to reflect the importance placed in this site. Also will two distribution centres be closing inot one after the independantrip coop supply deal comes on stream?

  3. Great news in the building for the future,fantastic location in servicing the south east 2mins and you’re on the network!

  4. will the new site hold coffins there, or just food?

  5. Many Congrats.
    Can we expect like the new depots will be an automated ones?

  6. Fantastic investment into the back bone of the business. It states it will be operated by Coop, does this mean that the transport side won’t be farmed out?

    • None of our transport is subbed out is it? I thought we were totally in house, though I sometimes wish it was subbed out, there’d be some accountability then . . .

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