We did a trial at the start of the year after 98% of store colleagues told us they wanted to keep the radio, with the majority (88%) also feeling it needed to be better.

Our old service was broadcast via satellite, meaning our content was one-size fits all, and feedback from colleagues told us our adverts and songs could be quite repetitive. But now we’ve gone digital we can broadcast locally and really get closer to what our customers and members care about.

We can play bespoke messages by store, meaning we can talk about new product development, local deals and ranges, communities and local causes. We can also feature community and colleague call-outs and talk about local events.

Truly local

Our new shows are hosted by regional presenters in Scotland, England and Wales, with songs by regional artists, giving our radio a more local feel. And we can record daily to help us stay fresh and relevant; whether that be in conversations about food trends and ethics, or Fairtrade and local causes.

It’s been great to hear how colleagues have been interacting with the new radio on social media. We’ve seen loads of examples of colleagues using #CoopRadio to shout about the great work going on in communities, and to share their favourite products!

We saw our sales and customer satisfaction scores increase in the stores who helped us trial the new radio, so I’m really excited to see it making its way to all stores.

You can hear more from the colleagues who were involved in the trial below or you can read the transcript.

Caroline Beesley
Head of Digital Comms, Food

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  1. They took out coop radio for very some strange reason , so now have to endure repeated songs , which most of the time don’t have on . Can someone tell me why it’s been removed?

  2. We need some more upto date music or even more upbeat music.

  3. Love the new coop radio keep up good work and good music

  4. Wish they would get it to work all we seem to have is songs no presenters and since they have fitted it the TV screen on shop floor has not worked and anything on WIFI in store is on a go slow
    Has been reported but still 6 weeks later no one has bben near

  5. I’ve not heard the horrific car crash “its all so quiet” or Baz Luhrman’s daily comedy song “sunscreen” on the new radio. Which is a good thing for sure. One of my customers once asked “do you play this music to scare folk off?” Anyway, the new playlist is clearly different, but I can’t help thinking its still mainly the cheaper music we’re playing (10 year old stuff). Can we remove all traces of Alesha Dixon from the radio? She really can’t sing yet I still hear her daily, usually the same song. I shop in Lidl and Farmfoods and its surprising how lack of music isn’t actually noticed there. Nobody’s bothered. The problem with instore music is its impossible to please everybody, but we need to do a better job of playing better variety. Even with the “double decade” and name that hit (or whatever) the playlist every day still seems the same. And every shift I have a giggle to myself about which song is played twice. There’s always one.

  6. This sounds great! How do we access the station so as to let them know all the great things we are doing in Stevenage?
    Geraldine Strohm
    Member Pioneer


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