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Now the clocks have gone back, we’re well on our way to winter, a time when we need to take extra care when travelling. It’s also a time when some types of crime go up, so we need to be extra aware of our surroundings.

To help you, my team’s put together their top ten tips for staying safe this season:

  1. When walking to and from work, try and take a well-lit route and avoid any shortcuts or walks through alleys or parks. Why not use the time to have a natter with your colleagues and walk to your car or the station together.
  2. Don’t have phones out and on show when walking around. And rather than carrying keys in a handbag put them in a pocket, so thieves won’t get them if your bag is snatched.
  3. If locking up, follow policy and be extra aware of your surroundings.
  4. Dress for the weather – a warm coat and sensible shoes with good soles could help avoid slips and trips outside. Our offices and businesses will be making sure that outside areas will be well gritted.
  5. Use a well lit or undercover car park with CCTV, if you have to come back for your car when it’s dark.
  6. Plan ahead – check the weather forecast as well as traffic or public transport alerts, and keep your phone charged. You could also pack an emergency kit in your boot (blanket, torch, first aid kit, power bank, snacks and water) if setting off on long car journeys.
  7. When driving, lock yourself in and be extra aware at traffic lights. Also make sure you don’t leave phones or sat navs on display in your car.
  8. Remove lanyards and badges, and cover up logos when going home, so people can’t identify where you work.
  9. Look after yourself and your family and friends by adding ‘Where am I’ or ‘Find my Friends’ on your personal phones so you can see where they are.

Finally a reminder to those with Co-op mobiles – if you need to contact 101, the non-emergency police number using your work phone, you need to put a 9 in front of it – so call 9101. Calling 999 from a work phone you just need to dial 999 as usual.

Jayne Crowe
Security and investigations Manager

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  1. Any advise for residents of Hampshire where street lights are to be switched off between midnight and 05:00 in residential areas? Although most stores are closed by midnight, several stores will have staff arriving before 05:00, and on alarm calls, if the responder is local they may have no option but to walk.

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