Last week, I attended the annual Supply Chain Excellence awards alongside members of the Insurance Supply Chain Management team. Despite strong competition we were delighted to come home with the Customer Service and Support award.

This award means a lot to myself, the wider team across Co-op Insurance and our Supply Chain partners who have put a lot of hard work into improving the journey for those customers who make a claim on their home insurance.

When our customers make a claim it’s often a distressing time.  We know that this is when they need us the most and whilst we want to make sure their experience is as quick and as stress free as possible, we recognised that sometimes we didn’t get it right.

We took the bold step of asking our customers to record video diaries as their claims were progressing. The results gave us an idea of how our customers view Co-op Insurance throughout their claim. We recognised that building claims were where we needed to focus our attention. We needed to review this process to improve the customer journey.

We knew we couldn’t do this on our own and needed to collaborate closely with our supply chain partners to create an overall claims experience with our Co-op values at it’s heart. So we took our partners “Back to Being Co-op.” We walked the Rochdale Pioneer trail together. This created a real sense of unity, identified some great opportunities and raised over £1,000 for charity.

We took an inclusive approach with our supply chain and held workshops with them. We learnt more about the barriers in the process and we mapped the customer journey to get to the root cause of any problems our customers experience.

As a result of this work we’ve simplified the supply chain and reduced the time it takes our contractors to start work by 60%. We’ve also saved over £3.5m, and improved our Net Promoter Score (NPS) score by 20 points going from 31 to 51.

Winning the award is particularly satisfying as we were the only insurer shortlisted and were competing against supply chain management teams such as Heineken, Three & Jersey Post.

This has made us appreciate how we can succeed together to bring the thriving partners aim of our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition to life.

Andy Johnson
Supply Chain General Manager