It’s that time of year when people are eagerly awaiting the annual Christmas adverts and one rival retailer has highlighted the impact of Palm Oil, drawing a lot of attention across social media.

In light of all of the interest we wanted to make sure our colleagues were clear on the sustainable approach we take. We believe that a sustainable approach to Palm Oil is absolutely the right one and we’ve been championing this for some time, we’ve even built it into our Future of Food commitments.

Take a look at our blog post from earlier in the year to find out what Palm Oil is, why we use it and why we’re confident that our sustainable approach is the right one.

You can download our Future of Food – see Page 21 for more information on our stance on Palm Oil.

Sarah Wakefield
Food Sustainability Manager

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  1. It seems Iceland have made an intelligent move here, in terms of both raising a burning issue (no pun intended) and positioning themselves as a considerate retailer.. Perhaps we should congratulate them?

  2. do we have a target date to get to fully segregated? i agree iceland’s approach of eliminating it doesn’t seem right as it will just switch to another less efficient oil instead but at the minute we’re just similar to the other major retailers.

    i’d hope we were better and could have a date to be fully segregated by

  3. Why does the Co-op find it so hard to mention rival’s names? Everyone knows it’s Iceland and the Co-op should be openly applauding them. In fact, I bet marketing are a bit peeved they didn’t think of using it first. The film was actually made by Greenpeace so if this is banned because it’s too political why was a WWF film allowed to be shown (although not affiliated to a particular company) ?

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