I was at work at Co-op Colehill in Dorset when I heard about the competition on Co-op Radio, so I quickly ran to the office and wrote down the email so I could enter as soon as I got home.

A couple of months ago I wrote the song Lights On, and it’s been one my favourites ever since because it feels so honest and real. I knew that was the song I wanted to enter the competition with.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out I’d won. When I first got the email I thought you were probably just after some extra information.

Star treatment

I got to record Lights On last week at RAK studios in London, which was amazing. Everyone who’s anyone has recorded in those studios. I was literally sitting there thinking ‘oh my god, Michael Jackson sat here too’, it was crazy.

The equipment was the best I’ve ever used – it was a lot different to performing on a laptop in my room with a USB microphone.

I’m really excited to perform my song live to over 1,200 colleagues and suppliers at the Pioneer Awards this week. Small gigs terrify me, but the bigger the gig the less anxious I am, it’s weird. I’m bringing my flatmate, she’s really looking forward to it, but I think she’s more excited to get all dressed up than she is to see me sing!

George Redwood
Customer Team Member, Co-op Colehill

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  1. […] was the first time I’ve performed my song Lights On to a large audience. Recording it in a proper studio was great, but to be able to take a song I’ve written and perform it on a big stage was just […]

  2. George you were A-MAZ-ING. You performed your song brilliantly and along with SIP made it a brilliant evening

  3. George, you were brilliant. Well done!!!

  4. Smash it George! Such a talent and thoroughly deserved winner. 👌👌👌 Well done also for representing little old Co-Op Colehill as well. We are all routing for you! 🎤🎤

  5. Good luck George, I’m sure you’ll kill it

  6. Good luck George, hope it goes well!

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