On Thursday 22 November, for the first time, we’re live streaming two of the core parts of our annual IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) Trade Briefing. That means our small suppliers, NISA colleagues down in Scunthorpe and colleagues right across the Food business can tune-in who mightn’t have got the chance to attend. This isn’t only a first for us in the Co-op but an industry first too, made possible by the great relationship we have with our charity partners at IGD.

The IGD Co-op Trade Briefing is our annual download to the Food supplier base. It’s our supplier partners’ chance to hear directly from our Co-op Food leaders, mingle with them and ask any burning questions they have. This year our theme is ‘Succeeding Together’, focusing on what we’ve achieved with suppliers this year and how win we’ll collaboratively in the future.

We know that our colleagues at Co-op never like to miss a chance to hear from our Food leaders, that’s why we’re making sure as many colleagues get to see the event as possible. Whether you’re based in Food, Funeralcare, Insurance or any of our other business areas, I hope there’ll be something of interest to you. Here’s how you can catch the event:

One Angel Square

If you’re based at One Angel Square, you’ll be able to watch it on one of the breakout areas.  Head to one of these areas to watch:

Floor 2 – Red Breakout

Floor 3 – Green Breakout

Floor 4 – Red Breakout

Floor 6 – Red Breakout

Floor 8 – Red Breakout

Colleagues elsewhere

If you’re based somewhere else, like a store or field colleague, send an email to liveandlocal@coop.co.uk and we’ll set you up to live stream the event. Live stream tickets are limited and provided on a first come, first serve basis – so get in touch quickly.

Our IGD agenda

Main plenary:

9:35 – 9:55 IGD Breakfast Briefing James Walton (IGD)
9:55 – 10:10 Business Update Jo Whitfield
10:10 – 10:25 Customer Update Alison Jones
10:25 – 11:05 Trading Update Michael Fletcher & Matt Hood

Break out sessions

15:20 – 15:40 Supplier Engagement Andy Phelps&Saleem Chowdhery
15:40-15:55 Nisa Update Ayaz Alam
15:55-16:15 Q&A & Final Thoughts Jo Whitfield, Michael Fletcher and Matt Hood

I really hope that you’ll enjoy the event, feeling proud of what you’ve achieved so far and the exciting future that’s to come.

Eleanor Scott

Assistant Brand Activation Manager

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  1. Pedant mode on…

    “down in Scunthorpe”?
    It’s further north than Manchester!

  2. Any update on how we can live stream? Sent a few emails, left voicemails etc yesterday. Hope you can assist. Many thanks.

    • Hi Keith, the message should go to our Live and Local mailbox (which, I think you already have). I’ve alerted the team and one of them will be in touch with you right away. Sorry for any delay.

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