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November 23, 2018

How do I – one year on

I look after the ‘How do I’ website, and today we’re celebrating its 1st birthday. We’ve been reflecting on how far we’ve come with the site and what benefits it’s had for colleagues working in our shops.

We launched ‘How do I’ a year ago to make colleagues’ jobs easier in store by having one place to go to find the information they need. Over a few months, a team of six store managers and team members used their expert knowledge to sift through all of our policies, check whether they were still relevant, take out duplicate information and help rewrite them so they’re simpler to read. We then launched the new site to all of our store colleagues, gave people access to use it on their own smart devices and most recently put it on store tablets. Now colleagues have information at their fingertips to help them do their jobs and answer customer queries on the shop floor.

Here’s some interesting facts and figures on how it’s been used over the past year:

How do I info

What’s next for ‘How do I’

We want ‘How do I’ to be the first port of call for colleagues when they need to know how to do something in store. We’d like colleagues in stores to use it more and to use the website to develop their knowledge rather than relying on the store manager telling them how to do things. We think the new store tablets will help this, but we’ll continue to work on making the information on the site relevant and easy to read.

So, if you’re a colleague using the site please make sure you pop in your feedback at the bottom of each page so we can continue to improve the information on there. We’re also working with the Co-op IT and Digital teams to explore the use of images and video as well as looking at how we may be able to link ‘How Do I’ to other systems we use in store on a daily basis. So, watch this space!

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