Our Christmas TV ad airs this weekend, showcasing how when you share our delicious festive food, Christmas is better together.

And what better way to bring people together than by gifting our amazing Co-op Christmas food to those who do a lot for our communities.

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Between 10-15 December, each of our stores will be filling three of our Christmassy 10p bags with some tasty Christmas treats, before giving them out to special people in their community.

It could be the person who runs the local Christmas carol service, or organises the residential home’s afternoon tea, maybe someone who’s made an extra effort to be neighbourly or someone who’s given their time and energy to their community this year. Whoever it is, we want to bring people in our communities together to enjoy our fab festive food and the special moments it’ll help create.

Head over to Colleague Facebook and Twitter (@coopukcolleague) this Friday 30 November for your chance to take part. We’ve got hundreds of Christmas bags and £5 vouchers up for grabs, so keep your eyes peeled.

You can find our Christmassy 10p bags in all stores now, so feel free to fill one up with a few of your Co-op festive favourites and gift it to someone who makes your community that little bit better.

Don’t forget to share your stories on social media with us using #TheCoopWay between 10-15 December.

Tessa Wiley
Community Manager

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