The 2018 KPMG Nunwood Customer Experience Excellence report recognises Co-op Insurance  as one of the biggest moving brands,  moving up 119 places in the last year to rank 48th out of the 315 brands included in the rankings – one of only three insurers in the top 50…and we are thrilled.

This massive jump is the latest recognition of the customer journey Co-op Insurance has been on, and follows on from the UK Customer Service Index ranking where we improved from 15th to 5th place.

When we started the journey we cared about our customers but we lacked focus, and we were waiting for technology to deliver improvements.

We’ve put a huge amount of work into transforming our customer experience in the last three years – putting customer experience right at the heart of a transformation programme. During this time we’ve worked with colleagues, customers and our suppliers to truly champion a better way of doing business – and this has mostly been delivered without technology.

Through our operational BEING Brilliant programme we were able to understand what was important to our customers, and how we could improve. Then we put our findings into action, we introduced automated customer surveys, we held customer workshops with our Customer Experience Team, we completely remodeled our home claims journey and revamped our complaints processes. The results have been significant; as the continuous improvement programme has progressed we’ve seen our net promoter scores double from +28 to +58.

A great example of how we’ve taken a One Co-op approach to make things better for our customers is with our bereavement process. Customers notifying us of the loss of a loved one were finding our processes clunky, slow and painful. We revamped the entire process to make it quicker and simpler, and worked with Funeralcare to develop empathy training. Today, refunds are paid in a third of the time and a policy can be reassigned in a fifth of the time; complaints about our bereavement process has reduced by 80%.

In the report, KPMG praised us for how we use the customer research that we do in house. They were impressed that we used the insight to make practical, positive changes for our customers and members. For example, we used member voice to find out that people with medical conditions often find it difficult to get travel insurance and go on holiday. So we designed an innovative product based on this information. This included access to a doctor (online or phone) anywhere+ and cash-less medical support so customers don’t have to pay medical bills upfront++. This allowed us to successfully enter the travel market with a disruptive product.

And we aren’t finished yet, we are thrilled with our progress so far but we won’t be resting on our laurels. We recently launched some new web pages to make the website easier for customers to use and we have many more improvements to our Sales, Service and Claims processes in the pipeline.

Gary Hueting                                                                                                                                       Chief Operating Officer – Co-op Insurance

+ Video-call consultations available 8am to 10pm 365 days a year, voicecall consultations available 24 hours a day.

++Available in selected destinations. Important limitations, restrictions & excess apply; visit our website for more info.