Since planning started back in September, I’ve been so excited to share this issue of Let’s Talk About Food. You can read your copies in stores, depots and the support centre or check it out online.

I’ve been writing for the magazine since February, but this is my first issue as editor. I love the magazine, because it’s a place to talk about what’s going on all over the business, sharing colleagues’ stories and reminding us all why we’re proud to be part of Co-op.

I set out with tons of ideas, but I had two main goals in mind. One, I wanted to make this issue as diverse as possible, showing that this time of year isn’t just about Christmas. And two, I wanted to tell as many stories as possible from colleagues’ own, genuine points of view.

I realised early on that both these goals could be achieved from one thing: talking to colleagues. Along with the rest of my team I interviewed far and wide, with phone calls, photo shoots, colleague stories, emails and more. Thanks to everyone who shared their story – you’ve made this magazine.

I’m really proud of the final result, so I hope you enjoy reading.

If you want to share your thoughts on the issue, or tell us about anything you’d like to talk about in a future edition, email

Hester Lonergan
Editor and Communications Assistant, Internal Communications