Co-op Food team with Karen Brady from the Apprentice

Airing on BBC at 9pm on Wednesday 5 December (and available afterwards via the BBC iPlayer), The Apprentice this week sees our own food experts judge the candidates on their festive chocolate creations.

Katharine Shipley, CJ Antal Smith and Rachel Halter (pictured l-r above, with Karen Brady) help Lord Sugar judge the six remaining candidates. During the task, the candidates were asked to create three unique chocolate flavours, come up with a brand name and design packaging for their range. It was our panel’s job to put the teams through their paces to find out which team left a bitter taste and which were sweet successes.

Thankfully it’s only the candidates who face Lord Sugar’s famous firing finger, but see how our own trio got on in the task by watching the show.

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  1. Thought we came over quite hostile. A shame as we don’t get on TV often.

  2. Was really pleased to see us on the show, all too often over the years its been Tesco and so on. Gald we were on – agreed with their decisions totally and was laughing at the facial expressions. Thankfully we wont have those in our stores haha

  3. I was shouting ‘go on girls’ when they were, rightly, criticising the suitability of the fit for our stores!

  4. Saw it. Very good performance and excellent reaction shots. I wouldn’t have got up and joined in with the dance either. I take it the chocs will not be appearing on the shelves though. Best team won.

  5. Another Co-op Food Story!!!
    Do we still have the other departments- or is it just us in food these days?
    Good luck on the show

  6. Looking forward to it. Nice to see that Co-op is a force to reckon with. Breige Donaghy was on The Apprentice last year and this year we have CJ, Rachel and Katharine doing us proud.
    Way to go team Co-op.

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