Over the last few months, Join In Live member events have been taking place across the UK. While every event is different, they’re a chance for us to talk directly to members about our Co-op and all the great stuff that’s happening locally. We also talk about how we’re performing as a business. 

Before the events, we talked to Members through a Join In opportunity to find out what they’d like to get out of the event. They told us that they wanted the events to be interactive and informal, with opportunities to find out more about how Co-op is working in local communities.

As Co-op colleagues we were keen to go along and check them out. Here’s what we found:


I read about the event from a poster on our community noticeboard in store. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t expect as much interaction as there has been. What surprised me is the amount we do for our communities. We hold a lot of community and charity based events I had no idea about. The amount that we’ve given to charity is amazing and astonishing. I’m going to have lots more to talk about with customers when I go back in store. There’s also so much more I can volunteer and help with.


I got an email about the event and thought I’ll have a nosy about what was going on. I was incredibly surprised with the recycling part of the session and pleased with how Co-op’s moving forward. What I’m going to take away from the event, and especially pass over to other colleagues and members, is how friendly everybody was. Tips and tricks shared not just by the people running the event, but also the people on your table, to change your local habits and make a real difference. I feel like I’m part of a very large team who all have very similar interests.

If you’d like to get involved and help shape your Co-op, please sign in to your member account as there are lots more Join In opportunities.

You can find out more about the events and how to get involved on the Co-op blog.

Derek Teasdale, Funeral Director, Warrington
Alice Connolly, Customer Team Member (CTM), Barnton Co-op