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December 11, 2018

Co-op on campus

Building on our existing partnership with students (through the National Union of Students discount) we’re now going a step further and opening a store on campus at Leeds University. Partnering with Leeds University Union (LUU), this will see the shop being managed and run by LUU staff and members as a franchise.

Chris Morris, Union Affairs Officer at LUU, highlighted: “The Co-op’s values, environmental ethics and community practices are shared by LUU so we’re looking forward to working with them on a Union Shop that works for and listens to students.”

This exciting partnership will ensure the store will have the range, choice, ease and convenience tailored to serve campus needs. We also want students to know that they can become co-owners and Members of their Co-op and we look forward to serving the Leeds University community.

The store is due to open – replacing the existing university shop – in February 2019.

Martin Rogers
Head of New Channels

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  1. Great to see us developing into more university campus sites throug( franchising after our successes in Reading and Portsmouth, will really help us develop this format and deliver a positive student experience of our Coop. Great news….

  2. Will this be a TCG store?

    • HI K

      co-op franchises are co-op’s but run by partners. It will run, feel, look and smell exactly like one of our own shops, but Leeds Union will run it, to co-op standards and guidelines. It’s a great way for us to get to places we couldn’t, and Leeds get a co-op shop on campus. We are really excited by it, and hope it’s the first of many.
      Thanks, Martin

  3. Southern Co-op has a shop on the Sussex Uni campus.
    Next step- get the SU to convert to a Co-op…… like they are on US campuses. (Bizarrely)

  4. Given that the NUS is on verge of collapse (https://thetab.com/uk/2018/11/29/nus-to-go-bankrupt-in-spring-according-to-leaked-document-87075), what can we do to support other SUs and campuses, and can we send something out to the Student members we have letting them know their NUS cards will still be accepted?

  5. This is just fantastic! My daughter is about to embark on continuing her education at University – I would love to see more of this! Not only are our products lovely, she would get the benefits from being a Co-op member (as would the local communities). Maybe we could take this type of membership forward even further with a “Co-op Student Member” and some additional benefits for this demographic to help them at this time in their life? As per John’s post, I like this a lot too! Really positive news, well done team!

    • Through the NUS card students get a 10% discount in store + their 5% back on Co-op products – they just need to swipe both cards!

  6. I wish there was a ‘like’ button because I would like this a lot. Well done team.

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