This Christmas is all about togetherness, and how when you share our fab festive food during the Christmassy moments in the lead up to the big day, Christmas is better together.

We wanted to bring that alive in communities all over the UK, while spreading festive cheer and celebrating those really special local stars who make a big difference!

That’s why our colleagues, members and customers have been giving out our limited edition Christmassy 10p bags over the past week, filled with delicious Christmas treats, ideal for sharing.

From volunteers who support lunch clubs and day trips, to riding schools for the disabled, we really brought people together this Christmas, take a look:

You can find our Christmasy 10p bags in all stores until the start of January, so why not fill one up with a few of your Co-op festive favorites and gift it to someone who makes your community that little bit better.

Tessa Wiley  
Community Manager