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I’m really pleased that Co-op Insurance is rolling out a new MOT and Servicing product – Co-op Car Care – today. I tried it as part of a pilot last year and was really impressed that it made my MOT more convenient, at a great value price.

Last spring, when my MOT was due, I saw an email about Fixter, a service I could use to get an MOT or service done, with a discount for being a colleague member.

What really stood out to me was that my car would be picked up from and dropped off to my chosen location – in my case the carpark outside Angel Square. This was really convenient for me as I work across the road in Miller Street.

This was a big benefit for me as I usually spend about 4 hours travelling to drop off and pick up my car when I’m having an MOT, so it saved me time and half day annual leave.

I thought the service was great for other reasons too:

  • I booked by MOT online (you can do the same for a service). I chose a slot to suit me – this made the booking process, quick and hassle free.
  • The price seemed really reasonable. As colleague members we get £10 off each transaction by using our colleague membership number – for me, this meant a great value MOT.
  • Someone contacted me when the car was at the garage. In my case, I was pleased that it passed the MOT with no problems, but if work had needed doing there is a car expert on hand who will let you know exactly what needs doing, how much this will cost, translate any jargon and make sure you are informed.
  • When the MOT had finished I was able to track my car back to the office through an app, as well as being kept up to date throughout the process.

The only feedback I had was it would be good to have a way to quickly identify the person picking up your car, ‘The Fixter Hero’, as they weren’t wearing a uniform, so I was really pleased to hear that this has been taken on board.

Some Fixter Heros are already wearing a new badge that is being introduced as part of the full roll out of this product. We’ve also used the name chosen by, and voted for by, our members – Co-op Car Care.

The service is currently available in these locations:

London Manchester Leeds
Huddersfield Liverpool Guildford
Reading Nottingham Southampton
Newcastle Edinburgh Glasgow
Birmingham Stoke-on-trent Warrington
Isle of Wight Bristol Cardiff

We’re working to get coverage across the UK, so watch this space for it rolling out where you live.

As a Co-op colleague you can get £10 off an MOT or service per transaction. Go to to book your MOT or service. Remember to enter your colleague membership number to get your discount.

We want to have more insurance products for more of our members, this is a key part of our Stronger Co-op, Stronger Communities ambition, so expect to see more insurance products with a Co-op difference coming this year.

Jeff Iles
Sales Development and Communication Change Advisor, Co-op Insurance

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  1. I’ve used Co-op Car Care for my MOT today. It’s really convenient having the car picked up and dropped off and at £19 for Co-op staff it’s a bargain!

  2. is forty pound cheaper for the exactly same offer. Not competitive.

    • Looking at the prices with this Co-op Car Care product with my colleague discount I can get an MOT for £19, an Interim service for £79 and a full service for £119 which are all cheaper than the site you mentioned.

      So unless you’re telling me that this other website is going to actually pay me to get an MOT since they’re “£40 cheaper” I struggle to see where you’re getting your prices from, infact if I wanted to an Aston Martin DB7 then Co-op seems to be £200 cheaper.

  3. Also, I worry about working with so many independent garages across the UK. There is the potential here for this to damage our reputation. You’ve got people up and down the country, with various degrees of training, working on safety critical parts of peoples’ cars under our name. How often do you hear of even names like Halfords, Kwik fit etc, on Watchdog. If even big national chains get it wrong sometimes, local garages are highly likely to get it wrong sometimes too. Your “top 10-20%” of garages may well include places that for one reason or another have quite a bad rep locally, but they have a shiny sign over the door and have passed the audit so they’re in. Time will tell if this is good for our brand. I hope it does succeed, there is demand for a service like this and I would use it.

  4. When I enter my postcode into it, it shows its available in my area. My postcode starts S64 (Mexborough). This is nowhere near the above available locations. Is this correct? Excellent pricing though, and something I’ll consider in future. A potential addition would be a servicing plan (pay monthly with added extras like breakdown cover with the garage that services the car). I currently pay a main dealer for a servicing plan, as it works out excellent value (compared to their usual prices!) and paying monthly works better with our limited budget.

    • Hi Steve, We included the list of locations to make things easier but we do have some coverage in between those locations and, so your postcode is included. I’ve passed all your thoughts and feedback onto the team. Sarah

  5. Put my number plate in, with and without spaces, and it said in red ‘undefined’. Have never had a problem using my number plate for anything online before. Could’ve at least given me a more suitable error message too!

    • Hi Brian, Thanks for your feedback. We agreed that ‘undefined’ isn’t a great error message. We’d like to look into this further to find out what’s causing it and make sure it doesn’t happen again. If you could email with your reg number and any details about this issue she will try to find out why this is happening.

  6. I’ve just booked my vehicle for a full service, but I don’t have any details of which garage my vehicle will be taken to. I have emailed the support email for further info, but feedback-wise: it would have been good to know prior to booking!

    • HI E, Thanks for your feedback, it’s been passed on There should be a phone number in your booking confirmation, which you can also use to get in touch and find out more about the garage. It might also be useful for you to know that our partners at Fixter only work with the top 10-20% of independent garages in the areas they cover and audit and check these garages to make sure they are up to scratch.

  7. Will this be rolled out to Northern Ireland eventually as well?

    • Hi A, Thanks for your question. Northern Ireland is scheduled to be included but this will be reviewed as we roll the product out.

  8. ‘Sit tight while we know your car’

    Not connecting not working?

    Waiting over 10 minutes

    • Hi Bridget. Have you see the other advice from a colleague on the site about making sure that there is no space within your car registration? They said they have experienced the same thing, then tried without a space and it worked fine. Worth a try? Thanks ^Kevin

  9. Hi, it would be good to see who the actual garage is before we actually book this.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your feedback, I’ve passed it on to the team.

      Our partners at Fixter only work with the top 10-20% of independent garages in the areas they cover and audit and check these garages to make sure they are up to scratch. Hopefully this helps you.

      You can also contact us via the phone number on the booking confirmation and we will let you know who the garage is.


  10. There’s a spelling mistake on the web site front page. Think ‘•Guilford’ should be Guildford. At least lets get this right to demonstrate to customers we take pride and care in what we do.

  11. “Sit tight while we get to know your car…”

    Been waiting for 15mins and still on the same page…

    • Thanks so much for your feedback. We’ve just tested the site across different devices and browsers and it seems to be working fine. If it is running a bit slow it could be down to your individual internet connection. Hopefully it’s working fine for you now but if you do have any more issues please let us know.

    • Hi, I did the same but had left a space in the reg number, if you enter without a space it worked fine.

  12. #AD sounds like someone got more than an MOT for that piece.

  13. WOW! Great news, I have just had a quick look at the prices for my car, certainly they appear extremely competitive!


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