Branch Manager Andrea Godber

If you haven’t already, please go to and recognise your colleagues for being brilliant and living our Ways of Being Co-op.

Last year there were some unbelievable nominations. The quality made it so difficult for our judges to come up with a shortlist.

The story of Andrea Godber, Branch Manager at Hinton Woodland Burial Ground, nominated in the Show You Care Award category, really stood out for me.

Andrea supported a young mother with the funeral of her stillborn baby. She obviously did all she could to make the funeral incredibly personal, but also provided a level of emotional support that went beyond her duties.

The mother was really struggling emotionally and as an ex-midwife Andrea also recognised worrying physical symptoms so encouraged her to return to hospital for tests.

It was eventually found that she had cancer of the placenta. Andrea has been a vital part of the mother’s recovery and her support has been invaluable.The mother cannot believe the lengths that were gone to support her, not only as a funeral director, but as a professional and critical friend at a great time of need.

It’s stories like this that should make us all proud we work with such amazing colleagues.

Make sure you give lots of information about the person or team

Remember to give as much information as you can about the person and what they’ve achieved or why they’re so special. Here’s a handy checklist for you:

Achievement – what did the person or team do to inspire you to nominate them for an award?

Who – who did this help or benefit?

Action – what changes did they make that had an impact?

Results – what happened? What was the outcome?

Dates –  when did this happen?

Superstar – what does this person or team, and their help/support/hard work, mean to you?

Thank you to those of you who’ve nominated so far. We’ve had an incredible 920 nominations which smashes the number we received this time last year.

Keep nominating at

Kerry Allison
Colleague Recognition Programme Lead

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  1. I have the pleasure of working alongside Andrea and I can honestly say she absolutely deserves this nomination. A really fantastic person and puts Customers & Colleagues at the heart of everything she does. Very Well Done.

  2. I work with a team who is very good with me and customers my manager is very very good his name is Darren Scott and our branch is walnut road coop food, walnut road., Chelston, torquay,

  3. The people on the front line in this industry are the real salt of the earth. Human nature is a basic wonderful thing. Recognising or gut feeling that there is a need for you to reach deep inside yourself and reach out to others without questioning it. This is ‘Real’ and the fundamental qualities that most people came into this industry for. Empathy must not be lost with all the new changes. Computers cannot replace a kind heart and all that comes with it at the time when another is in so much emotional pain and distress. Human touch, a hand on a hand or a hug while they are crying can be a great healer or just as well as a listening ear. This is what is really ‘Giving back to the Community’ as well.
    Real people in the local community and what the Co-op Ethos is supposed to be about… There should be a profit, but without these kind people who work here – there would be profit, yes, but no one would come back again and again without them. I hope with all the changes people wont be saying ‘ Do you remember the Co-op?’
    for the wrong reasons….

  4. This is awesome and the Co-op is lucky to have the services of such a person, putting in such an incredible personal effort.

    Just for clarity, describing her as “a critical friend” is open to multiple interpretations.

    Maybe the use of the word “vital” or describing her as “critically important” might be clearer?

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