A few weeks ago, my Post Office team moved over to Kronos, a system that submits employee hours to Payroll. The idea was to test it and find out whether it would help us run our day more smoothly and serve our customers better.

When I first heard about the move, I was really excited about the positive changes it could bring. Our Post Office Manager, Anita, was a little concerned about getting to grips with a new system but almost instantly, she started to see the benefits.

I think it’s great that I can see the whole team’s availability when previously, I couldn’t see any of their information and couldn’t view their daily schedule. Before this change, Post Office felt like a separate entity – now, Anita and I can work together to make use of the hours in the best way possible, making things better for everyone!

The system already helped make a big difference over Christmas – we moved some hours over to the Post Office to help during the busy period. Anita is happier too; in the past she struggled to cover holiday bookings due to lack of cover but now, the TARA system automatically gives her the hours to run the day meaning that won’t happen.

Since we moved the Post Office team over to Kronos, I’ve noticed that the relationship between the teams is much better. Before the move, the separation between them was quite obvious but now, the changes have broken down barriers. I’ve noticed a lot of chatter around the Shifts app too – the Post Office team love it! It’s brilliant how a few minor changes have made such a positive difference.

Overall, the trial ran seamlessly and the benefits far outweigh any concerns we had. Anita’s workload is easier to manage – she doesn’t have to worry about signing wages off like she used to and she’s felt really supported over the past few weeks.

Post Office colleagues are all moving over to Kronos in the next couple of weeks; if you’re worried about the changes, my advice would be to use it to your advantage. You’ll find it really makes a positive difference to your scheduling and overall team moral.

Chris Holt
Store Manager, Bromley Cross

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  1. I’m not sure what’s happening in this picture, but they aren’t looking at Kronos. . .

    It doesn’t work on the tablets as it uses Java and android devices can’t support Java. . .


    • Probably looking at the Shifts app which is designed for mobiles and tablets. The article does mention this….


  2. When will the isle of Man be going on Kronos ?

  3. I’m very surprised that Kronos is the headline here when the popular and successful aspect of it is the work Co-op Digital did for Food
    a) making the case for the use of tablets in store (as shown in the photo)
    b) creating the Shifts product to provide a decent user experience, something Co-op had previously been unable to do.

    • Shifts is something that intrigues me. Previously I thought Kronos was the only user interface that the system could provide (or TARA navigator, but nobody uses that now because it was rubbish). Now we’ve got this software, shifts, that seems to feed into and read data from Kronos yet looks nothing like kronos? How does this work? Did we have to pay kronos extra to have this data feed from their servers?

      • It uses the Kronos API gateway which is a standard feature of the application so no there is no extra cost involved. Kronos has had Shifts like functionality available as an additional feature for years but Coop decided to develop it’s own.

  4. Great to read that this has had such a positive impact on the team in Bromley Cross. It’s a really busy store and doing what matters most for the customers and store colleagues is really important. I feel proud to have been part of this journey. Julie H

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