We’re delighted to have teamed up with Veg Power and ITV for a campaign to inspire youngsters across the UK to eat more vegetables.

With 80% of British youngsters not eating enough it’s not an easy task, so Veg Power and ITV have created a fun and exciting TV advert about a veg invasion. The idea is that adults have been trying to keep the veg invasion at bay, but they can’t do it anymore, they need help. The only way the veg can be beaten is to #EatThemToDefeatThem.

Cathryn Higgs, Head of Food Policy, Co-op said: “Helping Co-op customers and their families to enjoy healthy diets is really important to us. We’ve been a long-term supporter of the Food Foundation’s campaign to get youngsters to eat more vegetables and it’s exciting to be part of Veg Power. The advert is a brilliant, fun and entertaining twist on why you should eat more veg”.


We’ll be using our Co-op difference by backing Veg Power with promotions across our stores and website as well as involving 2,000 children who attend 10 primary schools within the Co-op Academies Trust. We always aim to offer healthy choices to customers, with a range of vegetables, which are always British when they are in season, and products containing vegetable portions, available across our stores.

Cathryn added: “The advert turns on its head the conventional message about why we should eat more vegetables. It’s engaging and uses humour to encourage us to fight back against veg by eating more of them. The message is simple, ‘Vegetables, you’re going down!’”.

Click here to see the advert.

For more information, visit the Veg Power website.

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  1. Using kids as a target audience for a gimmick. Not as well thought out as I expect the plan was originally.

    How about making fruit and veg more affordable, rather than spending countless ££££ on adverts and nonsense posters, etc.

    FREE Fruit (like Tesco) to kids during shops?

    Also should contain the obvious “warning, consuming too much fruit and veg may lead to health issues, so moderate destroying of fruit/ veg based foods is advisable”.

    Well done though- this is one of the more watchable ads- we tend to be quite cringe and patronising, so this is something a bit different- even with the mixed messages.

  2. I will be very interested to see the success of this campaign, if any. I can honestly say this would not encourage my kids to eat veg. Id be more worried about the night terrors they’d be having after watching that advert. Grocery warfare and essentially, vegetable murder scenes. What is the message here??

  3. So if this bizarre idea actually gets children to eat vegetables – thus defeating them………..then what?
    Oh of course, no-one thinks further ahead than their nose these days do they?!

  4. this is such a bad idea. agree with the other comments, why on earth would we think it’s a good idea to demonise veg even more! surely if there needs to be any argument for veg with the kids it’s simply that it’s good for them.

  5. If only I had something like this when the twins were growing up, course it doesn’t matter now they’ve left home and I never see them. It’s good for the next generation though!

  6. Sorry, this is a terrible way to get kids to eat vegetables. Using negative associations in this way is utterly wrong-headed. Basically the message is that vegetables are bad, and eating them is some sort of battle. How can that be right?

    Simple message; normalise vegetables, don’t make them a big deal and remove any power struggle. (You don’t win as a parent if your child eats carrots, and that means they don’t perceive it as a win if they don’t.)

    Even if what you provide is not eaten you still provide it, and don’t argue about it – it works, gradually, eventually, and forever. (I learnt this by getting it wrong with number 1. Now going through the process with number 4.)

    Forget targeting kids, teach parent this and it would be fine.

    • Agree with that – I am so confused haha – It definitely rhymes and is memorable, but definitely implies that vegetables don’t want to be eaten… I don’t know. “They’re coming, we must defeat them!” definitely implies veg are the enemy…. And look at the state of the faceache on that broccoli. He looks miserable. I can’t believe I just typed that.

      What age range is this even aimed at?…. because I just watched the advert… at 0:35 they have edited in gunfire and bomb noises over the ‘war scene’… nice!

  7. Great! Let’s make veg look scary! That’ll encourage the kids! Seriously, who thinks this stuff up?

  8. Great stuff. However, so many parents are actually unwilling to cook healthy meals for their kids. I see it daily. Parents call into the Co-op for an evening meal on the way home from school. Rustlers and pizzas. A ready meal if they’re lucky. Unfortunately there are kids out there who still don’t know what a mushroom or a cabbage tastes like.

    My daughter’s school menu doesn’t exactly inspire me either. Pizza, deli-filler sandwiches/wraps/rolls, fish fingers. The only day they get a proper dinner is Wednesdays, when roast chicken is on the menu. And I wonder how many kids choose a sandwich instead on that day.

    This is in Rotherham, where Jamie Oliver was essentially herded out of town when he tried to improve school meals 10 years ago and parents were caught passing fish and chips through the fences. Says it all. Those parents who have their kids eat healthy (me included) do it well. Sadly, those who don’t, don’t want to know and don’t want to change, and nor do their kids. You try and change them and you’ll get abuse for saying they’re bad parents.

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