Fairtrade Fortnight is nearly here (25 February – 10 March), which is a great time to celebrate the positive impact Fairtrade has made on the lives of people all over the world that we support every day as colleagues.

We’ve an incredible history when it comes to Fairtrade: from selling the first Fairtrade products in Co-op stores, becoming the largest seller of Fairtrade wine, and most recently making sure all the cocoa, bananas, tea and coffee we sell or use as an ingredient are Fairtrade. There’s so much to celebrate this coming Fortnight.

How you can get involved

As a Co-op colleague, you can get involved by taking Fairtrade out into your community with a coffee morning, school talk, tasting event or even just a chat with friends using our Fairtrade celebration packs.

For Co-op and colleague members, we’ve 3,000 packs which include producer stories, recipes, bunting, coasters and stickers – they’re a great way to tell producer stories and taste delicious Fairtrade Co-op products.

Want to help celebrate Fairtrade? Order a pack today, but remember they’ll be provided on a first come, first serve basis (you can also get a digital copy).

Sarah Wakefield
Sustainable Sourcing and Fairtrade Manager

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  1. Indeed we do have “an incredible history when it comes to Fairtrade”.

    But we’re not doing much to push things forward.

    Hanging out the bunting is pretty much the definition of resting on your laurels.

    I’d like to see us putting more effort into the support for producers exemplified by our support for the community in Tilimuqui . Why aren’t we doing more of this?


  2. I really love fairtrade bananas, you can really tell the difference between fairtrade and non-fairtrade.

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