Back in 2017, our Funeralcare business launched Memory Boxes across the country. These boxes are filled with memorabilia from the past, with items ranging from records, photos and even Co-op stamp books, along with items donated by local communities. Our Funeralcare colleagues then take the boxes into care homes and day centres, with the aim to help trigger long-term memory recognition for those suffering from dementia. 

This year, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our Memory Boxes with Co-op Memory Cards, in partnership with Football Memories Scotland. With their help, we’ve created a selection of ‘Sporting Heroes’ cards which feature famous sporting legends from football, rugby, cricket, golf and speedway.

Paul Denton, Managing Director of Co-op Funeralcare, launched our Memory Cards with football legend Joe Jordan at Hampden Park last week, saying:

“We’re so pleased to be working with Football Memories Scotland on this extremely worthwhile initiative. Across the UK, we’re involved in thousands of community activities. From bereavement groups to coffee mornings, we’re continuously looking for new ways to support the communities we serve.

As part of our partnership with Football Memories Scotland, all Co-op members will get half price admission to the Scottish Football Museum at Hampden Park too. 

Our Memory Cards will be given to funeral homes across the country, and we hope both our memory boxes and memory cards have a positive impact for those living with dementia.

Mark Chappelhow
National Community Strategy Manager – Funeralcare

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  1. Hi Lesley

    We are in the process of adding more items to our memory box, and also we have a old glass display cabinet in our arranging room filled with items as well this is for new clients that come in daily to look at , this is a good talking point and have had clients bring items in due to seeing this on their first visit.
    Will there be any memory cards for our regions in Yorkshire??

  2. Yes, Memory Boxes are a good idea but as a Funeral Arranger I was just told I needed to make one for our branch. I suppose this is what they mean when they say the memory box scheme has been launched. Easy if somebody else is doing the work. It was suggested that I find an old suitcase and fill it with items that would be donated by our local community. Despite a poster in the window nobody has responded. If people have old items of interest I am sure they will not part with them, they are collectables which sell for good prices. I am left thinking the best route for me would be to find pictures print them and then laminate them as they will not last long unless protected. What a pity our branch does not have a laminator – do I buy one using our precious Petty Cash and how do I find the time to close the branch and go into town to look for second hand suitcases. As usual this will probably have to be in my own time. When my box is finally available I am then expected to then take it around Care Homes which is not really something I want to do. Meanwhile whilst I am at a care home with the Memory Box who is manning the branch and doing the work.

    • Hi Judith, Many thanks for taking the time to explain your situation in your funeral home. I am sorry you feel you haven’t been fully supported in this new activity and I hope going forward we can help ease some of the pressure that you are feeling and help to answer any questions you have. Our team is here to support you and your funeral family in any way we can and we would love to be able to come and speak to you and help put your mind at ease on this. Please do get in touch and we can arrange to come and meet up with you to discuss. Please do e-mail me or give me a call – 07843514102

  3. These are a very welcome addition to the Memory Box.

  4. These sound fabulous and they will certainly engage many more gentlemen in care homes, I know ladies like sport too but I just feel that men would really benefit. I would love some at Oldham Funeral Home, my father in law is in a care home, a small group of men would love to see these and talk about the early days. My father in law did play football as semi professional when much younger.

  5. Fantastic idea. It would be great to get them into care homes (my mother in law is in a care home due to dementia) – is there any way we can obtain the boxes and cards please?

    • Hi Cheryl, if you get in touch with your local Funeralcare Home they will be able to tell you if they have a Memory Box in their Region and they will be able to arrange to go out and visit the care home with the Memory Box. Or e-mail me directly and I can find out which Funeral Home near the care home has a memory box

  6. how do we get a memory box please.

    • Hi Lisa all the information is on the intranet on the Funeral Life Planning pages, if you look under Community Action you will see one of the large boxes that is highlighted Memory Boxes if you click on that al the information you need is there. Please feel free to e-mail me if you need any further assistance

  7. Great idea. How do we get hold of the cards.

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