I head up the People Team in Food. One of my main priorities is to provide opportunities for colleagues to learn new skills and develop their retail know-how: helping them and our business progress.

Whilst out in stores, colleagues told me it was difficult to find out about how to get on and progress your career at Co-op.  We’ve fixed that with our first ever My Co-op Career Prospectus launching this week. It’s a handy e-booklet for colleagues to use when they want to chat about career progression with their manager. A few different teams came together to work on it, and they’re really excited to see it make a difference to colleagues.

Catherine Muirden,
Director of People

Louise Welton, Senior Learning Delivery Manager, Learning and Development team

Colleagues told us it was really complicated to work out what learning and development is on offer – especially how and when they needed to apply for them. They also wanted to know if courses were right for them and if they could fit them into their lives. The new prospectus outlines what’s involved for each pathway – everything from the My Co-op Career modules like Boost and Excellence, to our many apprenticeships. Also new for 2019 – to make it simpler, you can apply for most of our development pathways at any point throughout the year – we really are open all hours!

Tracey Lancaster, Food Apprenticeship Manager

We’ve heard colleagues are uncertain about applying for apprenticeships and they don’t know what’s involved, so I’m pleased we now have the prospectus which sets out our stall. It makes it really clear and helps cut out the myths and hearsay around them.

Take a look and you’ll see we’ve got more apprenticeships than ever! One I’m really proud of is our new Level 4 Retail Manager Apprenticeship. It’s perfect for store managers who want to make our stores shine, ensuring amazing customer service keeps people shopping at Co-op.

Danny Matthews, Apprenticeship Resourcing Lead, Resourcing Services

It’s essential we help our colleagues to get access to great and challenging learning opportunities. That’s why the prospectus makes it crystal clear what they’ll already need to have under their belt. This is important so they understand what steps they need to take to reach their goal.

And we can often help out if they have got a gap. For example, the prospectus explains a fantastic new opportunity for those interested in an apprenticeship, but haven’t got their Maths and English qualifications. They can now join our new Pre-Apprenticeship Programme to help them develop these skills. If they pass they’ll be ready for the apprenticeship that’s right for them.


Note to colleagues: to access some of the additional content linked within the Prospectus, you’ll need to have access to the intranet via your back office PC or store tablet


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  1. I’ve noticed that there is a push to the intranet in the final page. As a store colleague, I’ve no access to the internal intranet as I don’t go on the store computer. Could this information not go in a more accessible place? Seems we keep producing information that majority of colleagues can’t access!

  2. I notice there are a lot of e-learning courses in this.

    Has anyone done any work at the Co-op to demonstrate these are an effective way of learning at the Co–op?

    I only mention it because of the reaction of those around me when they complete e-learning courses, with comments like “Well that’s an hour of my life I’m not going to get back”, “That’s probably the most boring training course I’ve ever done” and so on.

    I’d be keen to know.


    • Hiya,

      I’m part of the Learning Design team in the Co-op Service Centre (CSC). We produce a good chunk of the e-learning that you might come across.

      E-learning is a great way of getting a consistent experience to a wide audience. The vast majority are able to access e-learning when it suits them, and we’re always looking for ways to allow our colleagues to access learning when and where it works for them. E-learning really suits a self-driven learning culture too, which means that a lot of e-learning is intended to be an introduction or the essentials of a topic. We also have to be responsible in regards to our carbon footprint, which e-learning really helps us to deliver on.

      In answer to your question, we do have users involved in our design sprints, and we’re going to be doing a lot more of this going forward. Our team strive to make our learning as innovative and interesting as possible, but that has to be balanced against the needs of the business to get training out as soon as possible to our users.


  3. What opportunities are on offer for colleagues to progress their careers outside of stores? Excellence, Core and boost are all great for staying in a store role, but that’s not necessarily everyone’s route for progression. I’m finding it difficult to progress into Angel square or a field role because the business offers no real route in

    • Agreed, there is alot being put inplace for store level roles but gaining experience for a role outside of store is very limited and there is no real structured path available.

    • Hi Dale,
      Stores were the first to launch Core, Excellence and Boost which is why each pathway is already established.
      We have now launched Core in Logistics, Funeral and Life Planning and HR and looking to build on this with both Excellence and Boost.
      We are also working with our People Partners to explore the need for each pathway in other areas of the Co-op.


  4. This looks great, are there any plans to roll this out across the Co-op and expand programme like Boost for areas other than retail?

    • Hi Leanne, We’ve already launched Core in Logistics, Funeralcare and Life Planning and HR. We’re looking to build on this with both Excellence and Boost. We’re also working with our People Partners to explore the need for each pathway in other areas of the Co-op.

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