It’s great to see all the work we’re doing to create safer colleagues and safer communities, and how we’re looking to invest in innovative ways to keep us safe in store. One of these was our store tablet that now comes with an app called MySafety; it lets us report crime, incidents or anything that could’ve caused an accident in our shop.

We had to log everything on our back office computer before and the process was so long winded, especially if you weren’t part of the management team and didn’t have the same permissions.

It’d take about 15 minutes out of your day to find the right form and then type it all up. But it’s done and dusted in about five minutes on the tablet.

We experience quite a lot of crime in our shop, everyday there’s theft. When we had to go to the back office to report an incident it left our colleague on the till feeling quite vulnerable, especially if it had just happened.

Being able to do more things on the shop floor using the tablet makes my team feel safer and less alone. I try to use it to complete as many jobs as possible, and I encourage the rest of the team to do the same.

We keep our tablet at the till, not just to encourage all colleagues to log incidents using MySafety, but so we all have access to things like Shifts, store emails and the delivery portal to check when our delivery’s due.

Having all this stuff available to everyone is great, it makes my job so much easier. My team don’t always have to come to me when they’re more than capable of doing some tasks themselves, and if they’re unsure about anything it means they have access to How do I straightaway.

We thought our headsets made us feel safer and more connected as a team, but we’ve all been looking at the MyWork preview on the tablet which seems like it’ll improve how we work even more. Can’t wait!

Amy Greentree
Cove, Fernhill Road

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  1. And in the Sheffield CLS office we have all been provided with personal attack alarms – keep up the good work 🙂

  2. MySafety is definitely a welcome tool, anything that makes the reporting process easier is a huge win for our in-store teams. Hopefully now that it’s available on the store tablet, we will start to see more stores using the system to report crimes as they occur. Only by doing this can the business begin to get an idea of the sheer scale of retail crime facing our colleagues and then, once we have the data to show just how widespread the problem is Chris Whitfield and co will hopefully be able to get the government to finally take notice that something must be done!

    We’re moving in the right direction in terms of technology (iCCTV, Headsets, MySafety etc) but let us not forget the importance of having boots on the ground. Far too many of our stores operate with a skeleton crew and undesirables target us because they see us as easy pickings. I understand that the business needs to control staffing costs in order to safeguard our profitability, but we’re reached the point where we need to say, this far, no further and look elsewhere to make savings… colleague safety must come first!

  3. One of the great things about mysafety is that you can now see if somebody at RSC has followed it up. I nearly sliced my finger off a few weeks ago on a bottle of vodka c/o our depot colleagues. I would probably have been off work for a week or more and could have claimed significant compo. Yet nobody has touched that incident report. It is sat as “unassigned”. incident number 10095788. Don’t we investigate near misses? Isn’t that the point of the system?

    • Hi Steve, first off thank you for a great job in completing the reporting of a near miss, all the information was clear and I especially like the use of a picture taken at the time to highlight the issue – makes it really simple for us to see what the problem was.

      Whilst we will always attend serious incidents to investigate further, where there is no physical harm caused the submission forms are designed in such a way that an initial investigation is completed at the time by the person who reports the incident – in this case you identified the hazard, identified it correctly as a near miss, you made it safe and you followed up by reporting it. In this instance we don’t need to follow up for more information.

      But this isn’t the end of it though – in the RSC we are using the great information you have given us along with the information from the other incidents being reported to build a true picture of where our risks are and the common themes that we can go after to make our stores safer places for our colleagues and customers. We have already identified some areas to work on with our colleagues in Logistics and this activity is underway.

      Thank you once again, the more you tell us the more we can do.

    • Hi Steve, firstly thank you for using MySafety to report a Near Miss. You are right in saying that capturing Near Misses was one of the drivers for putting in MySafety, as they present a real opportunity to catch accidents before they happen. I have looked at this particular incident and we are contacting the relevant safety colleagues to follow up on actions. The near miss facility is a new and vital part of the system and I think it’s fair to say uptake has been tremendous. In fact it’s been a little overwhelming! I can’t promise because of the volumes that we will be able to respond personally to each incident but I can assure you that we are now actively looking at how we use this valuable information as part of our accident prevention strategies. Your feedback is really helpful and you are very welcome to connect me with any further feedback as we are all learning how we can make the most of this great tool to protect our colleagues and customers. Sue Parker-Tantush

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