We have more than 300 Member Pioneers across the UK. By 2020 we aim to have one in every community.

They work with our members, colleagues in our stores and funeral homes, local causes and others who share our co-operative values to help support and connect them to their local communities.

We’re now introducing the new role of a Member Pioneer Co-ordinator to manage, develop and support teams of Member Pioneers.

A Member Pioneer Co-ordinator is a part-time role where you’ll organise a team of existing Member Pioneers, connect communities, co-operate and make a difference to community wellbeing.

You’ll co-ordinate a joined-up approach so that the work you do together makes the biggest impact and helps Co-op fulfil its ambition of creating stronger communities by promoting co-operation.

If you know a someone in your community who’d be a good fit, want to find out more about the role of a Member Pioneer Co-ordinator, or are a colleague member who’s interested in this opportunity, please make sure you visit coop.co.uk/memberpioneercoordinator

Russell Gill
Head of Co-operative and Local Engagement