The latest issue’s landing in stores, depots and the support centre this week, or you can check it out online.

In our first issue of 2019, we’re sharing stories like:

  • The impact Fairtrade has had on Sarah Wakefield, with her passion even helping to shape her career
  • The unique delivery methods we’re finding to get more of our products to our customers
  • Sophie McCulloch, archivist at Co-operative Heritage Trust, takes us on a journey through time as we look at Co-op through the ages
  • Mariyam Siddique and Keith Anderton share their tasty curry recipes

We’re busy planning for the rest of 2019; if you’ve got any ideas or stories you want to share, email

Happy reading!

Hester Lonergan
Editor and Content Manager, Internal Communications

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  1. Apologies; I was getting the magazines confused!

  2. Unfortunately, many of these magazines are placed near the checkouts and that’s where they stay. It would tempt customers, a little, if a few money off vouchers could be included, maybe alongside products featured.

    • Thanks for your feedback William. Let’s Talk About Food is a magazine written for our colleagues here at Co-op, so it shouldn’t be put at the checkouts for our customers to pick up.
      The Co-op Food Magazine should be included at the checkout though – that’s the one which is written for customers and showcases our Co-op and our great products.
      We’ll pass on your query about vouchers on to the Colleague Advocacy Team.

    • William, the customer magazine is very popular in my store, it frequently disappears within a few days, we get 3 boxes in a small store.

      This is about the staff magazine though, and it is very popular with colleagues in my store certainly, many like to discuss articles they’ve read in it after their breaks.

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