February 28, 2019

MyWork is coming

I’m part of a team in 1 Angel Square looking after a new system which is really going to improve the way we work in stores. It’s called MyWork.

I’ve only been here for the past year or so, after working as a store manager in some of our lovely shops in Scotland, and later getting involved with HR and things like colleague development and recruitment at Co-op.

The rest of the team are all former store colleagues too, and we’ve spent a lot of time getting our heads together to figure out how we make MyWork, well, work!

At the moment there are loads of plates to spin as a store manager, especially since our processes and tasks live on different systems or pieces of paper. MyWork is going to bring everything together into one simple task list that can be accessed by everyone in store. So no more time writing to do lists or leaving notes for the team.

Things are moving along quite quickly now, so Antony, Andrew and I (pictured right to left), wanted to share our favourite MyWork features, which we think the rest of our store colleagues are going to love.

Jennifer Munday, former store manager of Lochgilphead, Scotland

Getting out of the back office and using MyWork to complete tasks on the shop floor is something I’m really excited about.

It’ll be available to all colleagues on their handheld terminals and store tablet. So not only will it mean we get to spend more time together with our customers, but it’ll also let us get jobs done in the moment, rather than having to run back and forth to the office to get on the computer or to fill in a form.

Andrew Riley, former store manager of The Oval, Middlesbrough

MyWork will give all colleagues a view of the tasks their store has to complete on any given day, instead of the store manager always having to divvy everything out. This will give some colleagues the chance to have a go at tasks they might not have done before, letting them learn new skills.

We’ve also added a little ‘i’ icon to every task, so if anyone gets stuck or needs a refresher, they’ll be able to click it to get in the moment guidance on How do I.

Antony Brown, former store manager of Thornton Square, Macclesfield

Moving all of our paper-based processes over to MyWork was the perfect chance for a spring clean, as well as a real eye opener!

I’ve helped to look at everything to make sure what we’re putting onto the new system is as simple as it can be, and if it doesn’t add any value, we’ve just removed it.

We’ve managed to reduce our number of eForms from 103 to just 20, while making them 40% faster to complete.

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  1. We’ve just been given access to a trial of MyWork today and I’m worried. It feels very clunky and difficult to use. And I’m the most tech savvy person on our area. There’s too much going on on every screen. It needs to be simple. I hope the real life version is simpler. Much simpler.

    • Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. It always takes time to get used to a new system but we would really like to work with you to understand where the app can be improved. If you email us on taskresearch@coop.co.uk we can arrange to come and support you and listen to your feedback in person. Thanks

  2. I personally can’t wait to use MyWork. I’m excited at the prospect of the job simplifying even more and less paper required to do my days work. Can’t wait for it to be rolled out in stores.

  3. So how many hours will each store loose and how many staff members will be lost few to this new system

    • Hi Marie, The aim of MyWork is to make life in stores simpler, more efficient and to help free you up to provide a great shopping experience for customers and members. The aim is not to replace boots on the ground. The stores that are testing it are really feeling the benefit of having a single place to go for things. Hopefully you will too when the app comes to your store this summer.

  4. will this help with colleague expenses?

    • Colleague expenses will not be part of any process change within MyWork. If you have any suggestions to improve this process you can share them thru colleague ideas tile on the store tablet.

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