A lot of the feedback we get through your store your say is about how friendly we are and how we greet everyone with a smile. We’re a proper part of our community and have a lot of regular customers, so we also get a lot of nice comments about the personal touch we give.

We wouldn’t have known about any of the negative stuff before your store your say; we were getting good turnover and our customers were coming back again and again. But I imagine we could’ve become a bit complacent if they couldn’t tell us what we needed to get better at.

One of the big things for us was about how we worked our deliveries. A customer left a comment saying we had too many trollies on the shop floor, making our aisles difficult to shop. At the time we were just thinking about getting the stock out as quickly as possible to make our availability better, but having feedback saying that it wasn’t going down well was invaluable – we wouldn’t have known otherwise.

A bit of a refresher

All of our stores had a bit of a refresher on your store your say a couple of weeks ago and we were used as a good example, which felt great! Everyone was asked to make a few commitments of things we could do to help us continue to get customer feedback.

For us, it’s about not being pushy or forceful when talking to customers about the survey, and doing it in your own way, so it feels natural and genuine.

We’ve also committed to having customer compliments printed out and displayed in the back area, so everyone gets to see when someone has been recognised. It’s a chance for us all to get together and celebrate and is more of a team building thing for us now.

Just saying ‘well done’ to people after they’ve done a good job can really send them home happy.

Cathy Hardey
Customer Team Member, Waterloo

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  1. Just something to consider.

    If we want to build stronger communities maybe we shouldn’t have self-service tills in some stores, based on the demographics, and should instead recognise that the conversation a customer has with another human while doing the shopping is an important and good thing we’re providing to combat loneliness.

    I think that’s part of what’s behind the feedback “about how friendly we are and how we greet everyone with a smile”.

    It’s part of the Co-op difference – how shopping at Co-op is different from shopping at Tesco Express or Lidl.

    I think many stores recognise this social value they’re creating, even if it’s not measured in the support centre.

  2. most of our complaint’s are the que’s too long even tho we have 4 self sevice tills no one uses, the other half is how usless the self service tils are. i see a patern.

    • My local co-op has just had self service tills fitted and they’re really good. Not sure if yours are a bit older. It helps that there’s always somebody manning them too. Hence the name AST (assisted service till)

  3. We should have a box of what the customers think of the staff who is helpful who may need help what is a good from a member of staff and who gets good feed back gets a gift a great incentive especially with the your store your say don’t forget a lot of elder people don’t have computers just a thought.

    • Not entirely sure I understand your post, but I get your point about old people not having computers, we’d get a mountain of great feedback from our elderly customers if only they could . . . It’s a whole demographic we’re filtering out.

      • Tracy/Steve
        As a pensioner myself, aged 68, with a lot of pensioner friends and associates don’t assume we are not digitally equipped to engage in this sort of YSYS initiative.
        We pensioners may struggle to match our grandchildren’s digital skills but we tend to be time rich, co-op friendly and, if there’s a simple system available to do it, happy to give recognition to those who provide you with a stand out customer experience in store which can be as simple as a kind word or not just pointing you to where you’ll find what you want but walking you to the aisle.
        Best wishes

      • Hi Steve / Tracy

        Since we launched Your Store Your Say we’ve had over 60,000 surveys completed by customers who are aged over 65. Totally agree that it’s a an important demographic for us to hear from so we do monitor this closely. OFCOM recently reported that 70% of over 65s have access to the internet at home. It’s not perfect but it’s not as big a barrier as it’s sometimes assumed to be.

  4. Took a lot from the video and have change the way I’ve tried to implement YSYS and it’s labder really well.

    Thank you Waterloo Coop 👏🏻 I hope the centre takes note of this and looks at other high achievers to give advise rather than try to advise with little or no experience

  5. Cathy
    I agree.. particularly with your comment “Just saying ‘well done’ to people after they’ve done a good job can really send them home happy”… people go to work to pay the bills but are more likely to do a better job if they can see their harder work is appreciated.
    Frank… from just down the road in West Derby.

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