We’ve been celebrating all week and it’s been fantastic to see the events happening around the country. You’ve also been making pledges about what you’re going to do personally for #BalanceforBetter to create a more inclusive culture here at Co-op.

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Some Exec members told us why it’s important to them:

Steve Murrells

Helen Webb

Pippa Wicks

Jo Whitfield

Helen Grantham

Funeral and Life Planning

I know there were some comments on my previous post about why I, as a man, was talking about International Women’s Day. Well, this year’s theme of #BalanceforBetter is about gender equality being more than only a woman’s issue; it’s a societal and business issue that’s important for everyone to understand and actively make happen so our economies and communities thrive. I’m proud to play my part in that and I hope you are too.

Over the last week we’ve focused our events around what we can do to create a more inclusive Co-op for our colleagues. You’ve had lots of brilliant ideas that will help us shape our plans to make our Co-op more inclusive, so thank you for sharing.  We’ll be looking at how we build these ideas into our plans over the next few months.

We need to continue to talk about this – not just on one day of the year, but every day. Feel free to continue the conversation in your own teams or you can speak to your local Inclusion Pioneer.

Saleem Chowdhery
Director of Internal Audit and Lead Inclusion Pioneer