Today we’ve announced an exclusive partnership with Glastonbury to take our pop-up shop to this year’s festival.

Their famously high environmental and community responsibility standards led to us being carefully selected. Together we’re the perfect fit!

We’ll be offering a wide range of food and drink to about 175,000 Glasto-goers, including all the essentials like sandwiches, water, bacon, eggs and bread, and the obligatory sun cream and ponchos.

And it doesn’t stop there, we’re also heading to Belladrum in Scotland, and continuing our Live Nation partnership for a second year, returning to Download, Latitude, Reading and Leeds, while adding Isle of Wight and Creamfields to the roster for 2019, too.

2019’s Festival Crew, be part of it

Last year was a huge success, and it had a lot to do with our Festival Crew – our colleagues. When they weren’t soaking up the festival vibes and listening to live music between shifts, they were serving over 200,000 customers and shifting stock to keep our 6,000sq ft pop-up shop running day and night.

The stories I heard from colleagues were amazing and our customers took notice; 96% of them left the festival shop feeling satisfied, and 74% said they felt more positive about Co-op after shopping with us.

This year we’ll have even more customers to serve and stock to move, so we need your help. The 2019 Festival Crew is recruiting and we hope colleagues from across Co-op will be able to come along to be part of the excitement.

Have a proper read of what it means to be a part of our Festival Crew first, and if you’re still up for it, get your application in by Wednesday 10 April.

Best of luck!

Alasdair Fowle
Lead Partnerships Manager

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  1. When do. We find out if we got accepted

  2. I worked at Reading last year and highly recommend it. I worked the nightshift and got to meet some interesting people at 02:00am to say the least!!! Get involved and enjoy it. Happy to field any questions you may have regarding anything.

    • Sounds great, when you done the night shift and finish work. To go to bed, is it noisy to go to sleep?

  3. Having been to Glasto a few times when it got muddy please don’t underestimate how bad things can get. I don’t know where you have your pitch but you could end up ankle deep in liquid mud if it’s a bad year.

    You won’t be a priority compared to needing to keep exits and access to stages clear and safe.

    And Glasto is huge, it’s the size of a small city in contrast to the smaller sites you’ve been on so far.

    Keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly.

  4. Fantastic news and a great way for us to engage with new customers and develop our brand. My only watch out is to bear in mine the logistical differences between the mainland based festivals and the one on the Isle of Wight – with ferry travel at a premium across the event (more specifically to those trying to get home) and earlier plan to look at cover and travel may be prudent?

  5. This looks great !!! Would love to join, Im in Funeralcare though is this ok ? I am also impressed with how we are bridging the gap between the younger generation and the Coop brand …..Well done !

  6. hi, I have read through the info and wondered if it matters that you don’t currently work in a store (I work at head office)? conscious its going be busy etc from the info and so didn’t know if you wanted novices??

    • Hi Sarah, Yes we are accepting applications from colleagues in the Support Centre.

    • Some of the hardest workers from the festivals last year came from head office, don’t let that put you off from applying! The till system is completely different from in store so it’s the same learning curve for everyone.

  7. fantastic, as someone attending the festival will we still be able to use our staff discount?

  8. Hey Adam – its not just the younger generation that attend festivals!

  9. Congratulations on securing a deal with the biggest and best festival in the world! Can’t wait to see you there.

  10. I want to be part of this amazing operation! What a wonderful opportunity

  11. Would love to be part of the pop up shop team this summer

  12. Hi I’m interested in doing any festivals, I’m a hgv driver at Plymouth rdc
    I did apply last year and never heard back Hoping I have more luck this year .

  13. Brilliant news, I might even pretend to be trendy and get down with the kids!

  14. Having worked at the Reading Festival pop up last year, the atmosphere was electrifying and our team had such a ball with our DJ in the store, it was hard work, but great fun!!!! It was great engagement with new colleagues and new customers that had never been into a coop before.

  15. Glad to hear that this partnership is going ahead again this year. As an annual Download festival goer, I can confirm that the pop up shop was a big hit with my fellow festival goer’s last year. Here’s to it being even more successful in 2019.

  16. I have been really impressed with this festival partnership. This really is a great piece of work, and will do wonders for the Co-op brand with a younger generation. All those involved in setting this idea up originally and then expanding its reach should get a lot of credit for this

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