We’ve just launched https://shop.coop.co.uk, our first website dedicated to online deliveries.

Shoppers within a four kilometre radius of our trial store on the Kings Road in Chelsea can now use the site to buy their shopping, before having it delivered within two hours using a zero emission electric cargo bike.

There’s a flat £5 delivery charge and a £15 minimum spend, but we’re also offering a free click and collect service and we’re keeping the price of every product on the website the same as in our shops.

You can see Jo Whitfield taking one of the bikes for a test ride above. They’re human powered but have an electric motor for an added boost.

Once we’re up and running on the Kings Road, we’ll then roll the service out to an extra eight shops in London, letting us reach thousands more customers.

We’re also looking at a free taxi service for groceries at 12 stores in towns and cities around the UK, including Bristol, Edinburgh, Manchester, North Wales, Peterborough and Liverpool.

You might’ve read in the latest edition of Let’s talk about food that we’ve been trialling Deliveroo in Manchester and London too, and that we’re partnering with Starship Technologies to trial the use of their robots to make small deliveries to customers in Milton Keynes.

It’s a really exciting time, I can’t wait to share more with you soon – stay tuned!

Chris Conway
Head of Food Digital

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  1. Brilliant step forward! As an SM in a rural local supermarket I’m constantly asked about the availability of online shopping to compliment our already successful Home Delivery service! If this was rolled out in my area it would definitely be embraced with open arms from customers and staff alike!
    Well Done!

  2. would love to see these bikes in our convenience store for our little villiages , like watchet , williton . customise would love to see us out and abound on our bikes . Here at liddymore we offer a telephone service as we have a lot of old people and old people homes around us , for those that cant get out its a life line .

  3. Sounds fantastic, I would use this so I could get my shopping when my little one was in bed

  4. This would be really popular in so many of our stores, not sure about the £5 charge though, seems a bit steep considering Tesco etc offer delivery slots much cheaper than this.

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