This Mother’s Day I’ll be heading to my family’s farm back in Worcestershire. My sister became a mum for the first time last year so it’ll be even more special having a little one year old running around.

Whenever we get to celebrate as a family it usually revolves around food, so I’ll definitely be picking up one of our Mother’s Day Floral Cakes for £6, as well as some Lindt Lindor Chocolates and Irresistible Prosecco for £10 as a little treat to enjoy during a good catch up.

My mum makes things so special for us whenever we go back home, so Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to spoil her.

She always tries to talk me out of getting her a gift, but I absolutely love buying people flowers – which is probably why I enjoy my job so much!

British seasonal flowers like daffodils and tulips are such an easy and simple gesture at this time of year, but a mixed bouquet with extra foliage is particularly fashionable at the moment.

I’m so happy that we have a bunch of Fairtrade roses in our Mother’s Day range for just £10. They’re a timeless classic – I don’t think roses will ever go out of style.

Last November I was fortunate enough to travel to Kenya with my suppliers to see the difference that buying Fairtrade can have. For some, it helps put their children through school, for others it’ll go towards fixing a leaking roof. It even provides training for maternity nurses and allows general workers to buy plots of land before they start building their home on it.

In the last year we’ve nearly tripled the funding to Fairtrade committees in Kenya, and we’re also now the biggest retailer of Fairtrade flowers in the UK!

So why not make more than just your mother’s day and treat her to a bunch of Fairtrade roses this year?

Issy Anstey
Horticulture Buyer