I’ve worked in this store since I left school over 30 years ago, so I’ve had one job, I’ve only ever had one husband, I’ve got one child and one dog. So my team know me as ‘the one’!

MyWork is right up my street, because it brings everything together into one place; either on the store tablet or handheld terminal. It’s like having an office in your pocket.

I’m a bit of a technophobe, so I don’t like things like this usually, but the app is so easy. I found after being shown how to use it for the first time, and then having a go on my own, I got it. But there’s always a link to How do I in case you forget how to do something, or if you need some help.

We actually start in store at 6am but don’t open until 7am, so now we can do all our store checks on the HHT or tablet before opening the doors. And if our delivery comes, we don’t have to remember where we left our pen and pad before bringing it in!

More time with customers

Because everything’s so much simpler and a lot easier to complete, it means we’re getting more done throughout the day.

For me, the more time I can spend on the shop floor either completing tasks or talking to customers, the better. They’re definitely noticing a difference, we’re available as and when they need us now – they don’t have to look too far when they need some help.

I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years and, for me, this is one of the most positive yet.

Julie ‘the one’ Kitchen
Team Leader, Hebden Bridge