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My store was one of the five selected to take part in trialling the new approach to managing performance.

The changes are designed to improve the system of annual performance reviews and ratings for customer team members (CTMs). The old system wasn’t working properly because it was too complicated and there was too much admin. Instead of the more formal approach, I’m now encouraged to have more ongoing and in-the-moment chats.

I still need to have conversations at least twice a year with each CTM about how they’re doing, but there’s much more freedom now, allowing me to manage performance in a way that’s better suited to each colleague.

Because there used to be so much to read and understand, and not everything was relevant to them, CTM’s used to turn up to the performance meetings unprepared. Since we’ve started the new system, I’ve seen a real change. Now I spend my time recognising where people are performing well, or where they might need extra support. This flexible approach works much better than scheduling formal meetings.

There’s an informal check-in record on the performance review section on How do I that can be used to help guide the conversations if needed. I used this with my in-store bakery team and found it was lots quicker and easier for us to use.

Resources and guidance for managers will be shared soon, but for now, I’d encourage you to keep talking to your colleagues about how they’re getting on and what support they need to reach their own goals.

From my experience, this approach is a massive win and we really enjoyed being part of the trial. It was really powerful to do the reviews this year, printing off the document from How do I and saying to the colleagues that we (as a store) helped co-create this!

James Owen,
Store Manager, Old Colwyn

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  1. Really looking forward to seeing this rolled out in 1AS as well.

    So many people go completely over the top when it comes to managing performance by impressing the boss, instead of focusing on delivering value to our customers, users and members.

    It’s not an effective use of our time, and there aren’t effective controls and fair and objective measures in place.

    As soon as you say “50% of performance is how well you live Co-op values” and then make that entirely a judgement made by the manager without any checks and balances it becomes an entirely subjective process.

    Long overdue for modernisation.

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