By Jonathan Howard, Product Developer

The aim of a good pairing is almost identical to developing a dish. You’re looking to satisfy all of the key taste receptors in your mouth – salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami – while providing a variety of textures.

I’ve started with the very best of our crisps, snacks and nuts range. Why not try one out this bank holiday weekend? I’d love to know what you think.

Tillington Hills British Cider with Irresistible Sea Salt and Chardonnay Vinegar Crisps

Our Irresistible Sea Salt and Chardonnay Vinegar Crisps are iconic for their sharp, sour taste. The coarse and slightly sweet mineral sea salt combines with the mellow, sweet and earthy back notes of the British potatoes. Delicious!

Sourness is the main flavour here, so we need to offset that with something sweet. That’s where our Irresistible Tillington Hills British Cider comes in. The tart apple in the vintage cider adds a little more acidity but also depth, while providing a contrasting sweet and sticky apple juice to mellow the crisps’ sourness.

Our Irresistible Sea Salt and Chardonnay Vinegar Nut Selection has just been recognised at The Grocer Great Food Awards and would go great with the cider, too!

Irresistible London Dry Gin and Tonic with Posh Prawn Cocktail Crisps

My personal favourite. These crisps actually contain prawns in the seasoning which results in a sweet, slightly salty shellfish flavour that we all associate with warm water king prawns.

Those familiar with our Irresistible Gin will know it has great layers of citrus; perfect with any fish. The lemon verbena, orange, and coriander botanicals along with the floral profile of the rosemary and lavender, awaken your nose (which does half the work when tasting!).

The resulting taste is an amplified prawn flavour, and the cayenne pepper and intricate Worcestershire sauce flavours of a marie rose sauce are complemented by the cumin, cardamom, ginger and black pepper of the gin.

Our Irresistible tonic water adds layers of sweet and salty, but with a back note of contrasting bitterness. The carbonation plays a vital role in cutting through the mild oiliness of the crisp, removing fat from the tongue to let your taste receptors (those bumps) react more to flavour, while also aerating the botanicals to your nose, intensifying the experience.

Irresistible Prosecco with Honey Roast Cashews and Peanuts

We wanted to elevate our tangy, effervescent, subtle and sweet award winning prosecco, which made us think of honey roasted nuts.

The unique sweetness of honey gives a complimentary depth to the classically sweet prosecco, and the floral notes give your nose something to think about while the salt enhances the tartness and sweetness.

The roasting of the nuts gives a richer umami profile and a subtle bitterness due to the caramelisation of proteins and sugars.

Natural essential oils in the nuts are broken down and released as you chew, giving a perfume while also coating the tongue. This stops the taste receptors from picking up the sweetness, before the carbonated bubbles pop and fizz on your tongue to remove that fat coating to allow for more flavours to come through, enhancing the natural taste of both the nuts and prosecco.

Enjoy, and keep your eye out for more pairings throughout the year!


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  1. Remember in Scotland even with Double Discount the law prevents the price going below a floor price per unit. Might reduce the price slightly but not by 20%

  2. Tillington Hills is a lovely Cider that is as good as Westons, Katy’s or any other premium cider but at £5 for 3 at the Co-op (£4 on DDisc as own brand) it is much more of a bargain. Perfect for sitting out in the garden on a sunny day. My garage is already well stocked!!!

  3. The Posh Prawn Cocktail Crisps are becoming my favourite crisps!

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