Irresistible Ecuadorian Chocolate Pod Egg on a tray

By Lucy Frodsham, Product Developer

I’m really proud that I had a hand in developing the Irresistible Ecuadorian Chocolate Pod Egg in this year’s Easter range.

We started developing it back in March 2018 and have spent the past year perfecting the flavours, to make sure we deliver something really indulgent – it’s great to see it finally on the shelves!

Like all our confectionery, the egg is made using single origin Fairtrade chocolate* that was specifically selected from Ecuador to give it a really rich and creamy flavour, with notes of caramel.

The pod shape really highlights the close links we have with our Fairtrade cocoa farmers and, to add an extra special touch, we’ve paired the egg with six gorgeous milk chocolate, gin and strawberry truffles, made using our Irresistible Gin.

My favourite thing about the egg is the colour. Inspired by all things tropical and every shade of pink, each one is hand shimmered for an individual lustre that really showcases the smooth lines of the pod.

I’m so pleased with how it’s turned out that I’ve bought one for each of my grandmas, because they both love chocolate (and gin!).

Take a look behind the scenes at County Confectionery, the supplier behind all the eggs in this year’s range, to see exactly how our Irresistible Ecuadorian Chocolate Pod Egg is made:


It’s always great to see everyone talking about food on social media during Easter. This year it’s been all about the classic hot cross bun.

From ice cream and melted Easter egg, to cream cheese with fresh fruit, people have been sharing their favourite toppings using #StillAHotXBun, and it’s certainly sparked some ideas.

My go-to topping has to be our Irresistible Prosecco and Strawberry Jam. I’m a huge prosecco fan and it makes my hot cross buns really fancy!

*sugar, cocoa and vanilla in milk and white chocolate eggs mass balanced to match Fairtrade sourcing.

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  1. I popped into my local store to buy a few of the Ecuadorian Pod Eggs for the family, spoke to the SM as none were on the shelves. He said that they weren’t allocated any of these particular eggs, nor were they allocated the Front Loaded eggs. This was one of our own stores, not a franchise or part of Southern Coop or East of England. Slightly annoyed, especially with the Double Discount opportunity.

  2. Looking forward to try it this weekend!!

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