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By Helen Webb, Chief People Officer

You really answered our call to tell us about the wonderful things Co-op colleagues do to make a difference.

We received a fantastic 3010 nominations for this year’s #BeingCoop awards. Our judges had the task of whittling them down to 119 finalists, before the Exec picked our 13 inspirational winners.

Here’s a brief look at why each of them stood out to be selected as a winner:

1. Co-op Member choice award: Ross Blackburn, Customer Team Member, Roundhay’s Co-op
Ross made a huge difference to the shopping experience of one of our members who was recovering from a brain heamorrhage. With his patient, helpful manner and outstanding service, he left our member feeling as valued as more able customers. With small acts of kindness from Ross, the results made a huge difference to the life of our customer.

2. Do what matters most award: Stuart Wallis, Store Manager, Ancaster’s Co-op
Following an attempted armed robbery in store, Stuart made sure he did everything in his power to get the store back to normal. He was on hand to provide invaluable support to all colleagues involved, including daily phonecalls just to check in.

3. Show you care award: Annabel Davies, Funeral Director, Blackburn
Annabel goes out of her way to make sure everything is just right, to help relieve some of the pressures on families dealing with loss. Her compassion and dedication is especially important as she works a lot with families who’ve sadly lost children or babies.

4. Be yourself always award: Louise Ewen, Customer Team Member, Kemnay’s Co-op
Louise overcame personal health challenges, without letting it affect her personality or interefere with her contribution to the store. She can always be relied on to put a smile on people’s face, treats every shift with enthusiasm and is considered a hero in the local community for all her involvement.

5. Succeed together (team award): Castlewood depot
Despite facing various operational challenges throughout 2018, the Castlewood team also made time to fundraise. With over 20 different events ranging from raffles, sporting events and charity sales, the team raised a staggering £21,889 for local charities.

6. Community star award: Colin Powell, Store Manager, Haxby’s Co-op
Colin has cemented himself in the local community by working with, and supporting over 15 different charities and organisations. Through a range of activities, he’s contributed to fundraising over £6,000 for multiple organisations to benefit from.

7. Store colleague of the year award: Nicola Ireson, Team Manager, Weymouth Chickerell’s Co-op
In just over 12 months Nicola transformed into a confident Store Manager. With a passion for community involvement, Nicola built extensive links with the local organisations, even handwriting and delivering 400 cards signed ‘from your local Co-op’.

8. Legal Services colleague of the year award: Bence Galambszogi, Lead Case Manager Probate Operations, Bristol Aztec West
Bence works in an environment that requires high levels of technical knowledge, with cases possibly taking years to complete. During stressful times, his positive attitude raises the mood across the wider team. He’s both great with the law and with the people he works with.

9. Insurance colleague of the year award: Anthony McQueen, Customer Service Advisor, Miller Street Manchester
Anthony consistently puts the needs of others first, while offering additional support to the management team. With expert knowledge, he stepped up to help coach colleagues, and was also chiefly responsible for making sure a large scale desk move went smoothly.

10. Logistics colleague of the year award: Laura Savinaite, Warehouse Operative, Avonmouth depot
Laura stepped in to reignite passion and energy amongst the Blue Arrow team, resetting the expectation of what good looks like. She supported colleagues through performance management, and took the lead to identify and train the next Blue Arrow Lead Associate, ensuring the hard work and high standards she set continue.

11. Support centre colleague of the year award: Neil Moffatt, IT Infrastructure Project Manager, Support Centre
Neil displayed all the values needed to lead and deliver a project. He challenged a ‘them and us’ mentality and championed a one team approach. In addition, his working relationship with an international film festival meant that Co-op benefitted from the ability to display our food products to a global audience.

12. Funeralcare colleague of the year award: Samantha Ewins, Estate Planning Lead, Berkshire
Sam stepped up to unexpectedly cover the role of a second Estate Planning Lead. This involved recruiting new colleagues, delivering training and supporting management. The scale of the task meant that Sam was responsible for working across an entire region, looking after 28 funeral homes for three months.

13. Apprentice of the year award: James Allen, Team Leader, Petrol Minster’s Co-op
From day 1 James was fully commited to his apprecticeship. He gave maximum effort to everything he does and has become a real asset to the business and his store team.

A reminder of what the winners get:

  • A unique Co-op experience – each winner will have the opportunity to chose a special experience or the option of £250 Virgin Experience vouchers
  • Special AGM invite – a special guest invitation to our AGM on Saturday 18 May 2019
  • Afternoon tea – a celebratory afternoon tea will be held on the day of the AGM for those award winners who’d like to attend

Huge congratulations to all the award winners, finalists and nominees!

Make sure you look out for each of our winners stories over the next couple of months.

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  1. Its been a pleasure to read all of these stories. Well done to all winners, finalists and nominee.

    Remember there is an example like this in all of us, so keep sharing.

  2. Well done everyone

  3. Well done everyone lovely stories.

  4. Well done! Such great stories.

  5. Not to diss the people listed above, who I’m sure deserve their mentions but it always seems wrong to single out 12 “winners” out of 100s of examples of people going “above and beyond” that we have.

    I don’t think any of them would have done what they did for the award they now get.

    Do the other nominees get anything or is the total budget for this the £3000 (plus travel) being spent on these 12 people?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      For those colleagues who were shortlisted for an award, leaders in each business have been encouraged to locally celebrate their achievements in a way that best suits their business with everyone receiving a certificate. The Being Co-op Awards are just one way that we celebrate the amazing achievements of our colleagues. Many of our business areas hold their own recognition events and the details of those colleagues nominated in the annual awards are shared to ensure that as many people as possible are recognised throughout the year.

      For those 12 individuals who were lucky enough to win an award we agree that no one probably did what they did just to get recognised, however their stories stood out from 3010 nominations across the business and we would like to celebrate their achievements and show our appreciation to them as a whole business. For the Succeed Together Award, the successful winners were Castlewood Depot who have close to 1,000 colleagues on site. We are currently working out a way to ensure that everyone in the depot feels recognised for their achievements

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