By Debbie Aspery – Social Media and SEO specialist, Co-op Insurance

This weekend, we kicked off our latest Insurance social media campaign – For Life’s Adventures.

The campaign offers a fresh look at insurance, thinking about how it helps and supports us to have peace of mind as we take important steps in life. From buying our first home to taking the trip of a lifetime, insurance lets us do these things and enjoy them fully.

The campaign was designed to challenge the negative tone of lots of the insurance adverts we see and instead celebrates the wonderful, positive adventures in life that insurance helps us to do.

We often look at insurance as a grudge purchase, something we know we should invest in but are reluctant to spend money on. We know we’d be glad we had it if the worst happened and we had to make a claim, but at the time of purchase often feel we’d rather spend our money elsewhere. We want to flip this and position insurance as something that enables us to take Life’s Adventures – a much more exciting way to look at it.

A few weeks ago I was in Battersea Park in London to shoot our latest advertising video. We positioned the podium (which is 2.5 metres high!) in various locations to see what happened when people were challenged to have their own adventure. Take a look.

We know that it’s hard to view videos in some locations. You can follow our social media channels to see all the content from this campaign.

At one point we were waiting to start a take when a couple walked past, looked at the podium, pressed the button and took the card we needed for the shoot and then wandered off with it. We had to chase them to ask for it back.

Lots of people wanted a closer look at the podium and asked us what we were doing. When we explained that we were promoting Co-op Insurance quite a few people said ‘Oh, are Co-op going to start selling insurance?’ which is exactly why we need to do this type of awareness campaign.

This campaign has already started on our Insurance social media channels and we’ll be sharing a series of videos and posts up 17 May. We’ll be asking our followers to share their Life’s Adventures and launching a competition where one lucky person will win their own adventure – a Red Letter Day worth £250.

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You can find out more about the campaign here.