By Matt Eyre, Candidate Marketing Manager

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been developing a brand new internal careers website for colleagues. This has now launched and you can use it to view and apply for internal jobs.

In my role as Candidate Marketing Manager I’ve heard feedback from lots of colleagues about how difficult finding and applying for internal jobs can be. Many of the people I spoke to were keen to build a career at Co-op, but had no reliable way of finding out about jobs that were suitable for them when they became available. They also found it really challenging to search for jobs on a site that typically has around 400 live jobs at any one time.

TalkBack tells us that more than 80% of our colleagues plan to be working for Co-op in three years’ time, but less than 60% believe there are opportunities available for them to progress their career. As recruiters, my team talks to Co-op leaders every day about exciting internal jobs, but getting the message to colleagues that these jobs are available has often been a challenge.

Our new internal careers site solves these problems with some simple features:

  • Job alerts – that send notifications when jobs that may interest you are posted
  • Improved search functionality – to help you quickly identify relevant roles near to you
  • A CV builder – to help you create a CV you can use to apply for jobs

We’ve started small with the internal careers site, only including features we know will be useful to colleagues. But we’ll soon be adding a user research survey to the site so we can get colleagues’ feedback on what we’ve built. This could pave the way for more features and content in the future.

We’re hoping to launch the survey at the end of May, and I’d encourage you to take a few minutes to complete it once it’s live. Your feedback will help us to improve internal career mobility at Co-op.

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  1. Looks great Matt. Is there a way to search for ‘new’ jobs listed in the last 48hrs or so? Maybe a hyperlink over the ‘Recent Jobs’ section at the foot of the home page.

    • Hi Keith

      There’s not but it’s a great suggestion for future development.

      You can sign up for job alerts to be notified of the latest jobs in a particular area when they become available.

      Kind regards


  2. Still no access for GI Colleagues – is there an update on this?

    • Hi Shelle

      Apologies for the continued delay. The incident is now with the bank IT team to resolve.

      In the meantime I’m working to get a link to the Oracle site restored to for insurance colleagues. This should be live for you tomorrow.



  3. I am having trouble logging in to the internal careers website. When I attempt to log in oracle automatically logs me out, is this a common issue?

    • Hi Nick

      No this isn’t an issue we’ve heard about before – please can you try logging in again and if the issue persists contact me directly so we can discuss further (

      Many thanks


    • I was having the same issue when I tried to log in the first time but it seems to be working now, probably just worth trying again! 🙂

  4. I have tried to use the CV builder after spending over hour to build a great CV I pressed the create tab and it came up with a system error, every time I tried again it removed information so never got to CV build 😫

    • Hi Kim

      Apologies this is a new issue affecting both the internal and external sites this morning. We’re working on a fix as we speak.

      Kind regards


  5. Do the same jobs appear on the Contractor’s site as I notice we are given a link to the old site ?

    • Hi Gordon

      Yes I can assure you all the same jobs appear on the contractor site.

      Contractors and agency temps still need to apply using the same site they have always used, however they can still use the new site to search for jobs.

      Kind regards


  6. A definite improvement and much easier to use, I have however noticed that on some occasion when you click on the job the job role does no come up but this might be something to do with my browser/server. Great to see it changed

    • Hi Hugo thanks for your feedback I’m glad you like the new site. I’d be interested to know which jobs aren’t appearing if you could share reference numbers?

      • Hi Matt, the job in question have now been unposted so would not be able to share it. I have tried a few other ones to see if I can replicate the issue but these seem fine. If I do come across it again, I will you let you know 🙂

  7. Hi, Just like the old system, this system also seems to have the fatal flaw when you try to search specifically for head office jobs. If you enter our post code M60 0AG it essentially pulls everything from funeralcare jobs in Weston-Super-Mare to a Store managers job in Newcastle.
    Am I missing something? Is there a trick to it?

    • Hi Bob

      If you enter the postcode then select the first entry that should appear on a list below the search field (in this case should be ‘M60 0AG, Manchester, England’) then use that to run the search, your results should be confined to the radius you specify surrounding that postcode.

      Using that postcode with a five mile search radius produced 36 results for me almost all of which were based at 1 Angel Square.

      Kind regards


  8. It appears GI Colleagues still can’t access the internal jobs site, I reported this to IT last week and it has still not been fixed. Although we are not eligible to apply for jobs a Coop Group, I believe we can apply to move around within Insurance – please can this be escalated and fixed

    • Hi Eram

      The Insurance IT team is working to fix this issue as we speak – it has also been flagged by other colleagues.



  9. I had a look at the new site last week and it’s certainly different. I thnk it will take getting used to but it’s an improvement, no doubt.

  10. What would be useful, would be naming the positions advertised, accurately.
    Job advertised as ‘Customer team leader’ – is actually a store supervisor – so why not advertise it as such?
    A ‘Team manager’ position turns out to be an Assistant store manager – so why is it not advertised as this?
    If you advertise one thing and describe something else – then people are less likely to bother looking.

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks for your feedback. We’ll take a look at these adverts to see if we can make changes to provide greater clarity for users.

      Kind regards


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